Need help in determining formula for for fishing lure depth

  1. I need help in determining trolling lure depth for fishing. I imagine this formula would have to take into account line length, lure weight, and boat speed. I'm no math wiz, so if someone can help, It would be greatly appreciated!

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  3. And whether you use a downrigger and how you adjust the lure. I can't imagine how you would put all that in a formula. Maybe some kind of nomograph would be the way to go.
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    Jeez, how to take the fun out of fishing!
    If you're going to such extremes, why not just mount a bottom-scanning sonar unit on the lure? A huge part of the sport is knowing, and feeling where things should be. You'd might as well go with the old tried-and-true dynamite approach.
  5. Did you ever think there might be a good reason for the RCMP watching you?:biggrin:
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    Never doubted it for a moment. :uhh:
  7. Cause that costs money. No for real, I would like a basic formula to see what depth my lures are running at when trolling. Trust me, it doesn't take the fun out of fishing.
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    Sorry, Jdub; I misunderstood your original question. I thought that you were looking for a way to mechanically regulate the depth other than a simple 'bobber'.
    I suspect that a formulae would be too complicated to bother with. There are a lot more factors involved than the ones that you mentioned. Water density, including salinity and temperature, would have a large impact, in conjunction with the hydrodynamic properties of the lure. Some lures that I have are made to dive deeper as they move faster, while most are the opposite. If you want just a rough idea based upon one particular lure, it might not be too bad.
    I'm wondering if you could just rent a 'fish finder' sonar unit for a day or so and run some field tests tracking your lures at various speeds. Then you could print up a chart to carry around with you.
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