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Need help on how to study with concerntration? =)

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    Hi guys and girls , i just wanted to ask you people that how can i study with full concentration because as days pass by i cant study with much concentration , Like for example previous year i used to study 4-6 hours without any problem but these days its hard to concentrate for even 15 mins. Your help would be appreciated . Thanks =)))
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    Considering I know nothing about you this may not be helpful, but you should try evaulating what is different from when you could study for prolonged periods and now. Hopefully you can pinpoint a cause and combat against it?

    that or take adderal..
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    I can't give you any specific formula 'cus everyone is different. But I will say that for me studying with wordless music helps me concentrate.
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    A passion for or interest in the subject should be all you need. If you are sure you have that; remind yourself of it periodically.

    If you do not have that, then either: you are studying a subject tangential to your field - not directly related to, but required for; in which case, similarly, you should remind yourself why you are studying whatever you are studying. If you you have a goal of some day building space-craft for NASA, that should be inspiration enough to do well in CalcII, though it may not feel like building space-craft at the time (for example).

    Or the general field of study you have found yourself in truly holds litte appeal for you; in which case you have made a mistake and the next few years of your academic life will likely be miserable. Enjoy.
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    For the most part this is good advice. I'm not sure if your conclusion is just glibness or unnecessarily snide, however. Let's assume for a moment that the OP is fond of their field of study.

    Torn, without a bit more information it's difficult to offer specific advice. As mbisCool said, what changed between last year and this year? What, specifically, are the distractions that make studying difficult to focus on? (Girlfriend? Friends? Video games? Compulsive E-mail checker?)

    I'd also suggest you try to schedule your study time. Write it down in a planner if you have to, but commit to it. As much as possible do your studying at the same time, same place, same day(s) every week.

    I'd also like to suggest this blog for additional reading on the subject of improving your study habits, organization, and other skills that a student may find helpful.

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    Oh yea Ive noticed Im kinda getting into Games a lot ,wasting too much time on it =( .
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    Perhaps the solution then is to lay off the games for a while and see if your concentration improves. The same goes for other kinds of "mind candy" - ie. television, frivolous internet surfing, etc.

    On a psychological level when you spend several hours a day in an environment that issues fast rewards for minimal effort, it would seem that returning to a less-exciting environment that has little in the way of short-term rewards would be difficult.
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    I would start out by setting goals for yourself. For example one goal could be I will play an hour of games only after I have completed my physics homework.

    Also it is a good idea to familiarise (sp?) yourself on how you learn best. I seem to do well by doing a lot of problems and examples while others seem to do well by copying their notes hundreds of times.
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    will being overweight make studying harder?,
    me being an EE student, i always get easily tired of studying which make me feel like sleeping and when i wake up i didnt notice how time passes by. i can't even carry my heavy body when doing other things like projects and stuff.i also easily get no interest in the material due to tireness which makes me get a break and browse forums which will kill a lot of time.

    i like to work out but i have no time in doing so because there are lots of things to study
    so does staying fit help your study more or is it just the same?
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    Absolutely! Any kind of cardio exercises will increase the circulation to the brain which will increase your brains' oxygen consumption...That is mainly the gist of it, but a quick google search will turn up more information. You don't have to workout everyday either, maybe 3 days a week, 45 minutes of cardio. Just start at your own pace. And a few words of advice if your self conscious about working out(bc i know i was), people at the gym already respect your for just being there...
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    Finding a good balance will definately help you. I've heard that there are studies demonstrating a positive correlation between exercise and studying, but I've never bothered to look them up because to me, this largely seems to be common sense. When you exercise regularly, you sleep better, which makes you less tired and therefore improves concentration. Also, it releases pent up physical energy that can otherwise become a distraction - again resulting in deeper concentration. As sev7en pointed out there are also biochemical advantages.

    The real question is finding the time. I certainly understand how a tough academic workload can bare down on a person. Some tips for squeezing exercise in:
    - focus on generally leading a more active lifestyle
    - take the stairs more often than the elevator
    - get off the bus one or two stops early
    - carry your groceries home in a backpack
    - bike or walk to class
    - schedule "walking" meetings with friends and coworkers
    - buy a pedometer and slowly increase the number of steps you take each day
    - do five or ten minutes worth of calesthenics when you wake up in the morning
    - dance when your favourite song comes on the radio
    - limit sedentary activities that have nothing to do with studying such as television watching, internet surfing, and video gaming
    - don't eat in front of the television
    - do one extra chore everyday
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