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Need help on Maximizing Profit

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    I havent touched this stuff for a while, and my friend ask me for help. I am kinda lost, any help would be great (profit equation, etc...) Thanks.
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    Have you ever touched "linear programming"? It is rather a specialized field!

    In any case, tell your friend to review all of the definitions relating to things like this, give it a good hard TRY and post what he has tried here. It is much easier to make useful suggestions if we can see what he does or doesn't know about this problem.
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    Assuming you must make the foods by the dozen, the problem is so small that it doesn't really need a solver at all -- it would be easy to test all possibilities in Excel, and not too hard by hand.

    So what's hard for you? The problem seems straightforward -- an easy case of integer programming, as I read it.
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