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Need help solving a Non-Homogenous DE

  1. Apr 10, 2008 #1
    I need help solving a higher order differential equation by reduction of order.
    It will be greatly appreciated if all steps are posted as well!

    y(Double Prime)-3y(Prime)+2y=5e^3x where y sub one =e^x.
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    "It will be greatly appreciated if all steps are posted as well! "
    um no, well maybe with the best bits obfuscated :)
    let D be differentiation w/ respect to x
    let y=u(x)*exp(x)
    provided Lexp(x)=0 (is it? you should know)
    we will have transformed the equation (by substitution) into
    where c=0 (show this is true in general)
    u=[(aD^2+bD)^-1] f(x)
    or if you prefer find an integrating factor v(x) so that
    and easy to solve ie
    notice how each (1/D) yeilds one arbitrary constant as expected
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