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Need help with Basic Music Theory before learning Guitar

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    Hello ,
    I have recently joined a guitar class. And I am facing a problem with the terminology. I have to confess that terms such as notes, chords , scales, pitch seem Greek to me. I have had no experience with music before.

    I am on the lookout for a book/website which teaches this stuff. It would be great if they have provided music samples for the same. So that I can experience what a C-Major chord sounds like. They would of course teach this stuff as the class progresses but still I wanted to get to the basics.

    I searched for some websites on Google , but thought about asking the same over here so that I get to know if there are any standard websites which teach this stuff.

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    I found this youtube:


    This is on piano, but he actually demonstrates a few major chords. If you know nothing at all this should help.
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    Ya. Nice Video. Plus the guy has got other videos in his playlist too. I'll have to hear it more than once.

    Anyways how is this website :-
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