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Need Help with Cycloidal Propeller Theory

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    Trying to figure out how to model a cycloidal Propeller. Here is the concept im using. http://www.rexresearch.com/voight/propbew2.gif [Broken]

    When the Socket (left side) is on the axis, the propeller blades to the left or right are at 90 degrees. As long as this socket is on the axis the blades on the axis will be at 90 degrees. What kind of Lever system do i need so that when my version's socket is on the horizontal axis, the blades will be at 90 degrees? Any Ideas? I have attached a partial solidworks Assembly. Also, here is the interactive animation showing one of these working.

    Here is the link to my solidworks forum thread with my incomplete cad model.


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    Welcome to the PF.

    That's a pretty fun interactive animation. :smile: What are the advantages and disadvantages of this type of ship propeller versus a standard screw type?
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    This kind of propeller is used on tugboats, ferry's and was used during world war 2 on mine disposal ships. It allows transference of thrust in any direction in only a few seconds. Ferry's can spin 180 degrees to unload cars quickly, mine disposal ships can avoid mines, tugboats can pull a ship in any direction and can maneuver quickly to avoid collisions. It is also much more durable than most other types of propulsion and has a long life expectancy. This propulsion device also helps with reducing the roll in rough seas.

    The disadvantages are that it has a lower maximum speed compared to standard propulsion drives of the same horsepower. This means that it is not as effective for the main propulsion for extremely fast crafts, or freighters. However, the cylcloidal propeller would be great as a second propulsion unit to help with docking or manuevering.
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