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SolidWorks is a solid modeling computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided engineering (CAE) computer program published by Dassault Systèmes, that runs primarily on Microsoft Windows. While it is possible to run SolidWorks on an Intel-based Mac with Windows installed, the application's developer recommends against this. SolidWorks does not support macOS.According to the publisher, over two million engineers and designers at more than 165,000 companies were using SolidWorks as of 2013. Also, according to the company, fiscal year 2011–12 revenue for SolidWorks totaled $483 million.

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  1. AJSayad

    SolidWorks Sketching Visual Problem

    Hi Everyone, I could use some help in SolidWorks, when I go to sketch geometry, the software creates a lot of lines that extend off the starting point and they don't go away until I snap back to the starting point. I have an image attached to show what is happening. This creates a problem...
  2. Jeviah

    CFD analysis of a turbine, interpreting torque values

    Hello, I am using CFD to analyse a Kaplan turbine and am unsure on how to interpret the torque values as they come as x, y and z components. My understanding is that the z component in this case will determine the rotation direction depending on whether it is positive or negative however I am...
  3. E

    Engineering How proficient do i need to be in CAD for a mechanical engineering internship?

    How proficient in cad should someone who is applying for mechanical engineering internship be? I am teaching myself solidworks and i would like to have a benchmark to progress towards so when I began applying for a mechanical engineering internship in the near future i will feel prepared.
  4. S

    FEA Hand Calculation Validation

    I have ran an FEA analysis on part screenshot below. I wanted to do some hand calculations to validate the results. What formula should I use to calculate the stress?
  5. N

    Measure angle in Ansys Workbench

    Hello, I want to ask how I want to make a rotation using angle in Ansys Workbench ? I already read some suggestions that it can be done by using local coordinate system but unfortunately I can't done it right. Is there any youtube video or tutorials that I can refer ? I hope someone can help...
  6. Eddie714

    Worm Gear Drive Teeth Design

    Hello i am having trouble figuring out the proper profile to use for the worm and the gear. I need to model it in solidworks and everything i am finding online is for spur gears. I need to get the worm and gear to mesh correctly so i can do some finite element analysis on it. I have calculated...
  7. B

    SolidWorks worm reducer analysis tutorial needed

    I've calculated my gear ratio to be 1:27 and the most suitable reducer for it would be a worm drive. I couldn't find any descriptive tutorials to do the mesh and perform constructional analysis of the gears on SolidWorks. Can you help me?
  8. M

    What computer should a Mechenaical Engineering Student Buy

    Hello all. My daughter is going to start as a freshman in a BS Mechanical Engineering program. I want to buy her a PC that will last her through her 4 years of school. My initial thoughts were some of the light, but relatively powerful new offerings (Surface and other thin designs), but I...
  9. M

    Simulation error messages solidworks - invalid goals

    I am running a simulation on a flat plate heat exchanger and the solver is coming up with some error messages. The first says that a vortex crosses the pressure opening and the second says that my heat transfer rate goals are invalid. How can I get the heat transfer goals to be valid as I need...
  10. A

    Ideas to attach a swivel wheel Solidworks!

    Hi everyone, I am newly registred here. I am a university student in mechanical engineering in Canada. Homework Statement I have to use Solidworks to build a cart that has a steel plate on the top mounted somehow to 4 swivel wheels assembly provided that has a pin to attach. *see...
  11. B

    Solidworks beam deflection and MDSolids

    Hi all Sorry if this is in the wrong place... I've been doing some beam deflections on a simply supported beam, with loads applied to the overhangs, and have used MDSolids, Hand Calculations and Solidworks. My hand calculations match up with the results that I have got from MDSolids...
  12. E

    Should I learn Pro/Engineer or SolidWorks?

    Dear all, I checked job numbers on indeed Canada, and when using Pro/ENGINEER and solidworks as search words, I got 74 and 338 respectively, which means 4.56 times as many solidworks jobs. Can I learn Pro/engineer and be employed in a solidworks job? because if not, the jobs for...
  13. enigma

    Solidworks 2011 training

    Anyone have any recommendations for video, book, or course (midatlantic region) to learn SW 2011? My company uses PRO/E almost exclusively, but we have a new customer who uses SW. I have approval to get training. Budget for training is a few hundred, and if its a course, I can probably find some...
  14. M

    Ansys OR solidworks simulation

    peace be upon you: i am working in design i have finished drawings using sloidworks and about to do simulation and i need advice which is better ansys or SW simulaion hint : i need accurate results to do optimization for design in the future thx in advance
  15. Femme_physics

    Solidworks installation help

    I'm installing my student account with the serial numbers given to me by my college and I get this message during installation and I've no clue what to do [Broken]
  16. C

    FEA in SolidWorks?

    I want to learn/practice using Solidworks' FEA tools. My version only has the SimulationXpress (2011) package which seems weak. I want to know if it is possible to specify roller/slider/pin conditions when using the structural analysis tools. So far I've only seen fixture condition, so is...
  17. C

    Solidworks Assembly is Stuck

    Solidworks Assembly is "Stuck" I made an assembly of a few parts, and I mated them how they should. When I move one part, I need the whole device to move around how it would in real life, but this requires a few parts to revolve/spin about different axes, which seems to confuse Solidworks...
  18. J

    Does anyone use SolidWorks?

    I just got a copy of Solid Works and I would like to know if anyone has any experience using this program. I have non what so ever and I need tutorials and stuff to get the hang of the program. Please help.
  19. R

    SolidWorks FEA (Varying Cross Section)

    Does anyone know how SolidWorks calculates the stresses for this simulation. Can anyone give me an idea, is it second moment of area? y/r = m/i? Thanks Richard.
  20. P

    Like to learn SolidWorks

    Hi all, I would like to learn SolidWorks on my own and I'm not sure what is the best way/ways to do so ... I'm willing to spend a couple of hours, each day, to get a grip on it properly and fairly quickly (I need to know how to use this program in a good level till the 6th of January). I...
  21. D

    Native Linux Alternatives to Solidworks

    Hello, I am looking for CAD simulation software that can run natively on Linux. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!
  22. D

    Modeling Forces in Solidworks

    ...specifically forces over a distance (coulomb, gravity, etc.). Are there any plugins to do this?
  23. J

    Advices/help for mouldable crankcase in Solidworks (assembly+screens)

    Hello, I am new here, I am a student from France in Mechanical Engineering, I need some advices/help in Solidworks software, here is the deal (sorry if it's the wrong section) : I am currently designing an assembly for a rising screw (yellow on the sheme) the only possible movment for it is...
  24. A

    Solidworks COSMOS - How to read results

    Hi, First of all I must say, I am a bit ashamed asking this question... Since its been a long time since I studied mechanics of materials and since I never used it in my line of work, I am trying to analyze a problem regarding this subject using COSMOS in solidworks, I have a model and I...
  25. D

    Solidworks Mating Arrangements

    Hi, Im designing an axial piston pump in solidworks, prior to analysis. Basically im having difficulty in getting the slipper pads from the top of the pistons to mate to the swashplate, so that when rotated the pump produces a pumping action. I have the slipper pads connected to the...
  26. B

    Solidworks Model Help

    I am new to modeling and am trying to draw a geodesic dome consiting of pentagons with 30degree stuts at each point forming a hexagon. The final strut joining the 2 pentagons is not lining up and is too short. Everything is equal and symetrical. What is going on??? Should they line up?
  27. S

    Solidworks question

    Hi, I just have a quick solidworks question. Is it possible to exaggerate the scale of one of the axes? I have a structure that is about 5mm x 5mm in the xy plane, but has only a maximum height of about 10um in the z direction. I'd like to show more detail in the z direction by...
  28. U

    Need to learn SolidWorks

    Can anyone recomend some good books or computer based tutorials to learn SolidWorks.
  29. 0

    SolidWorks Help

    Basically, I am trying to cut out a vent for a fan. The vent feature of SW requires the vent to be on a single face, and in this case it is not. The bottom half of the case has a mounting flange (highlighted green in attached image), so I cannot place the vent where I need to. The model was...
  30. J

    FEM for composites in SolidWorks

    Anybody know how this is done? I want to do a stress analysis on a wing design, but COSMOSXpress yells at me when I choose to use a composite material.
  31. P

    Help needed with Solidworks

    I am new to SW. Is there a good book that i can use (free documentation preferred). Also, more to the point, i have a pipe, but i need to cut off an angled section on one end in order to have an angled end. Any help is appreciated!!! Thanks!!!
  32. B

    Solidworks or Autodesk Inventor?

    Which is the preferred program? Or is there a better option than those two for 3D computer drawing?
  33. D

    Angle of deformation in ANSYS Workbench

    Hi everyone, I'm here to ask you one thing of ansys, I made this model with solidworks and I imported into ansys as STEP files (which is the difference in how import solidworks file?), I defined the part that will be studied and applied as you can see in the attached photo, a linear...
  34. R

    Calculating Deflection

    Hello PF, First time here posting. So I have a question about trying to calculate the deflection of this prismatic beam by hand using superposition. I know I can figure it out in SolidWorks, but I also want to know I would do it by hand, or at least the general process. The angled bar b is...
  35. C

    Software that models atmospheric hypersonic flight

    Hi, I would like to model various projectiles and capsules being fired at hypersonic speeds by a coilgun or equivalent mass driver. Does anyone know of any programs that could simulate a launch or at least parts of the flight? (ie. setting the atmospheric density for a given region, calculating...
  36. A

    Help! Building Simple Pipe Bend (Experiment)

    So as a side project for my professor, I'm supposed to 1) build a recirculating simple pipe bend 2) experiment and get data 3) do hand calculations via fluids equations (Bernoulli) 4) simulate with solidworks 5) compare results Restrictions: budget and availability of finding products...
  37. F

    Mechanical design and thermal barrier/isolation

    I have just joined the forum so please be nice as I'm not an engineer. lol Thank you for any and all help. I wanted to tap the knowledge here because my brain hurts... I'd like a better understand of how to get the answer not just the answer if possible. I am designing a mechanical...
  38. A

    Scaling Intertia Tensor

    Hi everyone, I have the following problem in my hands, which I don't know how exactly to address. Let's assume that from any CAD(Solidworks, Catia), I obtain the inertia tensor of my model (impossible to calculate by hand btw). I_full=[Ixx Ixy Ixz Ixy Iyy Iyz Ixz Iyz Izz] I...
  39. S


    Hi, I wanted to know what is the difference between ANSYS Fluent/ANSYS and CATIA. And what purpose do both of these applications serve? Furthermore, does Solidworks compete with CATIA? (If so, then i can focus on learning only one of them instead of two). I am just confused if i should...
  40. J

    Clamp force divide by surface ?

    hi, newbies here ! found clamp load in some catalogue for bolt and screw. is that value should divide by 2 since bolt is connect 2 surface together ? by the way, i am try to solidworks simulation, want to apply force on a surface to see how it respond on that surface both...
  41. R

    Inverse Kinematics - Obtaining the Equation of a Path

    Obtaining the Equation of a Path I'm working on a project for myself in SolidWorks which involves a scissor-type mechanism. The bottom ends of the linkages are attached to disks that are free to rotate around the central hub where all the gears are attached. On the other side of the hub is...
  42. G

    Torque on the Drive Shaft of a Screw Conveyor

    My work has a drive shaft that has been breaking on a U-trough screw conveyor. I am looking for some helpful equations to find the torque on the shaft so I can accurately model and optimize the shaft in SolidWorks.
  43. P

    Software for calculating aircraft aerodynamic coefficients

    Hi, I want a software that can generate aerodynamic coefficients (CD, CL, CY,Cl,Cm,Cn, etc) I am aware of some specialized software (e.g. AVL, open source from MIT, LinAir Pro, commercial, etc). But was wondering whether I can use 'common' software like AutoCAD Mechanical or Solidworks...
  44. S

    Airframe FEA boundary conditions

    I'm working on a student design project building a multirotor UAV to host a sensor array. The airframe supports arm beams with motors producing thrust at the end, a battery, a flight controller, payload, ESC's and needs to be custom made so that it is of a size that can support large blades and...
  45. J

    Multi-body dynamics sim software

    Hi all, I've been looking around for a simple software to test mechanical assemblies, typically ones using a motor to drive some gear or pulley system. This is for garage scale projects, nothing really big or really small. Ideally it would be something that would be able to give me the...
  46. shinnsohai

    Stimulating Airbags

    Stimulating "Airbags" Recently I'm into it on Airbags and really want to know how it works I've seen some airbags stimulation on YouTube and I'm curious on how to do it? Anyone have experience doing it? Can Solidwork produce such stimulation? PS:Immma Poor English It's Simulation instead of...
  47. A

    ANSYS Workbench: Plane Strain Problem

    I have an assembly of two 2D surfaces. I modelled it on SolidWorks however, I could not import it to Ansys in any format. I tried SLDASM, Step and IGES. I tried modelling the same on Workbench modeller. However, I could not figure out a way to model 2D assemblies on the modeller. Can someone...
  48. S

    Plate Fin Simulation in Ansys Workbench 14.5

    Hi all, I have started learning ansys workbench for steady state heat transfer based analysis. I am doing this analysis to validate analytical results given for heat transfer from a single plate fin. The fin tip is given a base temperature and heat transfer is calculated for natural...
  49. S

    Qualitative advice on two phase flow problem.

    Hi guys I have a rather qualitative question. let's imagine a tank with two openings. pressure is measured at one opening (A) to be at a constant 33 bar at time t=0s. the other opening(B) is at atmospheric pressure. Inside the tank we have a two phase flow half is N2 gas and the other half is...