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Need Immediate Help with Journal Figure Submission

  1. Jun 12, 2009 #1
    I'm in the middle of submitting a paper to the Journal of Applied Physics. When my figures are converted to pdf, they come out rotated by 90 degrees from what their orientation in the source fiel!!! Do I need to fix this? If so how? Please respond ASAP!
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    Rotate it another 270 degrees?
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    So why are you converting the figures into pdf? Were you trying to see what it looks like, or is this when you compile the LaTex document to see what it looks like in the journal's template?

    If it looks OK as a ps or eps file, that all it matters to the journal editors.

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    Along those lines (if you're using a PC with Windows), I've generally used Ghostscript to convert file type, though I notice that "the Gimp" also has options to save to .eps or .ps files (and its image editing software, so you might be able to rotate and resave). Both of these programs are freeware.
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