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An academic journal or scholarly journal is a periodical publication in which scholarship relating to a particular academic discipline is published. Academic journals serve as permanent and transparent forums for the presentation, scrutiny, and discussion of research. They are usually peer-reviewed or refereed. Content typically takes the form of articles presenting original research, review articles, or book reviews. The purpose of an academic journal, according to Henry Oldenburg (the first editor of Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society), is to give researchers a venue to "impart their knowledge to one another, and contribute what they can to the Grand design of improving natural knowledge, and perfecting all Philosophical Arts, and Sciences."The term academic journal applies to scholarly publications in all fields; this article discusses the aspects common to all academic field journals. Scientific journals and journals of the quantitative social sciences vary in form and function from journals of the humanities and qualitative social sciences; their specific aspects are separately discussed.
The first academic journal was Journal des sçavans (January 1665), followed soon after by Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society (March 1665), and Mémoires de l'Académie des Sciences (1666). The first fully peer-reviewed journal was Medical Essays and Observations (1733).

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  1. BWV

    British Medical Journal study finds parachutes ineffective

    Dont believe the lies of Big Parachute! https://www.bmj.com/content/363/bmj.k5094
  2. Haorong Wu

    Can I submit my paper to arXiv if it has been accepted by a journal?

    Hi. My paper has just been accepted by PRD. Can I still submit this manuscript to arXiv? Will this action violate any copyright? Thanks.
  3. A

    Other Is the IJCAA a Reputable Journal for Astronomy and Astrophysics Research?

    Is the International Journal of Cosmology, Astronomy and Astrophysics (IJCAA) (https://madridge.org/journal-of-cosmology-astronomy-and-astrophysics) a respectable journal? I received from them an invitation, and it looks like a journal that could fit for something I would like to publish...
  4. K

    Physics Science Journal Style: 3 Columns Format

    Hello! I read a few papers from the journal Science and I see that they are written in 3 columns format. However when I opened the latex template from their website it appears to be just one column. Can someone who submitted there before help me understand what is the right format and if it is...
  5. Frabjous

    Bad technical journal article indicators

    I was about to post in a thread about a referenced article, when all references to it were deleted by the moderators because it was from a predatory journal. I was wondering what other people found to be red flags.
  6. qnach

    Can Mathematical Symbols Be Extracted from Scanned Journal Pages?

    Many ancient journals were scanned into PDF files. What I don't know is how could these pages become mark-able and search-able? They should only be images.
  7. bhobba

    COVID Excellent Story On Breakthrough Cases From Wall St Journal

    I get the Audio of the Wall St Journal every day. They had a surprising and excellent story on breakthrough cases. The bottom line is the US is seeing very few - even with Delta. The full story is behind a paywall, but non-subscribers can view some of it here...
  8. M

    LaTeX Which bibliography style does the Journal of Engineering Math use?

    Hi PF! Do you know which bibliography style Journal of Engineering Math is? One example is attached. The template they provide for publishing does not specify, and the editor said to consult previous publications. After googling for an hour, I don't know where to turn. I could always email an...
  9. E

    Other Your thoughts about "International Journal of Theoretical Physics"

    A year ago, I asked a question about two journals, both of which were predatory ( https://www.physicsforums.com/threads/are-open-access-journals-legit-for-my-cv.990744/ ). Thanks to the overwhelming advice I have received, I did NOT publish in either of those journals. Right now I am asking a...
  10. kyphysics

    Is Nature the Most Reputable Science Journal in World?

    As I've stated many times before, I was a social science major in college, so this is not my thing. . .I ask, because I've seen it referred to that way by sources I cannot verify (random internet chat). Figured I could get quick answer here that is trustworthy. I also ask, because I'll...
  11. R

    Crank Journal Turning w/ Attached Bar: Does it Ever Stop Moving?

    Basic zero clearance friction-less model of a crank journal turning with an attached bar on that journal. Bar moves up and down in Sine fashion, components of journal Velocity vector change accordingly (showing clockwise rotation here), and Velocity of the attached bar only has a Y component (up...
  12. Osvaldo

    Journal Bearings Clearance Calculation

    Would need to know radial clearance, recommended viscosity of oil and babbit alloy of the journal bearings of a gear reducer of following dimensions and specifications: 1400 HP 22300 RPM input 6400 RPM output Journal diameter of input bearings 2 in, length 3 in, 2 bearings Journal diameter of...
  13. J

    Quantum Journal on hardware used to build quantum computers?

    Hi folks, This time is not a book, I would like to know if exists a journal explaining how a qubit is actually built, I mean the hardware not the theory. Indeed I am interested in any hardware related with these technologies. I know this field is still in an early stage and they are still...
  14. J

    Contact Stresses in Cantilevered Journal Bearing

    I am trying to analyze the static stresses on a bronze bushing in a journal bearing if I was to use that journal bearing as a support for a cantilevered shaft. All the equations I have for contact stresses on the bushing suggest a uniformly distributed load across the entire bushing, which would...
  15. nomadreid

    Second try in journal article submissions?

    A physicist I know submitted his article to Physics Review Letters, and the article was rejected. In the rejection letter, PRL sent him the two reviews upon which the judgment was based. OK, the normal reaction would be to do a bit of appropriate revising and try another journal, maybe one...
  16. C

    A CGS units confusions in plasma physics journal papers

    Hi, I was wondering of those who might write papers in this field. What is the convention of units in plasma physics papers, and is this often all screwed around and you have to already understand it to understand it? I'll give you an example, because I am looking at this paper to understand...
  17. nomadreid

    Requesting recommendations for specialized journal for....

    A physicist I know is looking to publish a paper on a special case of the Navier-Stokes equation; he submitted it to Physics Review Letters, who rejected it for two reasons: (1) it was too specialized, so not suitable for the broad readership that PRL targets, and (2) the physicist had made used...
  18. Sorcerer

    Other "Galaxies" a trustworthy open access peer reviewed journal?

    I'm not sure where to post this, so I figured Academic Guidance is the best fit for the question. Here is their main page: http://www.mdpi.com/journal/galaxiesHere is a paper published in it on the Sagnac effect in the context of relativity...
  19. S

    Can't find the home page for specific journal (non-trivial case)

    For the first time in my lime I am not able to find home page for well-known and respected western periodical. I am looking for the paper titled «Définition covariante des équilibres thermodynamiques» by J. M. Souriau published in Supp. Nuovo Cimento, 1, I , 4 (1966) pp. 203-216 (given the fact...
  20. A

    I What Are the Best Academic Journals for Aspiring Planetary Scientists?

    Hi all, I'm an undergraduate Physics major looking to jump into Planetary. Through either a reasonably priced subscription, or free, and in paper or online, what would you suggest as a journal or professional level news aggregate for me to get the latest updates and literature in planetary...
  21. A

    A What journal to choose? My article contains a big table

    dear physicts I am searching about a journal to submit my article my article contains a big table (3 column and 3000 rows) I found: Atomic Data and Nuclear Data Tables Nuclear Data Sheets but Impact Factor of these two journals are low (about 2) I want a same journal but by High Impact...
  22. P

    A Superluminal Signalling proposal in peer-reviewed journal

    Hi to all, A proposal of mine, that purports to enable faster-than-light communication, has been accepted (a few months ago) by an esteemed peer-reviewed physics journal: Pramana, Indian Academy of Sciences. The article will appear in January. The PDF of the accepted version is attached...
  23. UsableThought

    Stargazing Yet another Wall Street Journal article about space debris

    The Wall Street Journal is definitely interested in space debris - dead satellites, boosters, etc. - as they've run a number of stories on this topic over the past few years. E.g. Wikipedia has a link to a story from 2009 as one of the footnotes to their article on space debris, plus a web...
  24. A

    Thrust Bearings and Smooth Journal Bearings reaction moment?

    Ok, so this is an undergraduate level question probably but consider this R. C. Hibbeler's Textbook on Mechanics of Materials says this about thrust bearings and smooth journal Bearings : In other words, it says nothing about reaction moments. Now this chart has other 2D connection types...
  25. DaTario

    A Math Journal with geometric constructions

    Hi All, I would like to know which are the journals of mathematics that publish papers on geometric constructions. Most of the journals on geometry I have found tends to an analytic approach. Best wishes, DaTario
  26. W

    Perception of Intl Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control - Impact Factor 4

    The international Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control. It has an Impact Factor of around 4, but what's the perception? Is it respected? Is it considered a good journal? There isn't a qualitative judgment online. My boss seems to look down on it, but it has a good impact factor.
  27. qnach

    Should journal editors be held accountable for following publication ethics?

    Is there anywhere we can rate each (scientific) journals? Publication ethics is for both sides. Not only authors should follow some ethics, but editors should also follow. There are some journal editors not following praction ethics.
  28. P

    Journal of Physics: Submit Research Paper on Braneworld

    Hello, I have a paper about braneworld. I am not very experience about journal of physics. I am only one paper at physical review D. My paper was rejected by the editor of International Journal of Modern Physics D . Someone suggest me a journal for submit my paper?, Where it's not too...
  29. M

    What journal should I submit my paper to?

    I am writing a paper. I am looking for a journal that: -Accepts theoretical physics papers -Is reputable -Peer reviews submitted papers -Will not charge me very much in terms of a publishing fee (or any other fees) -I keep the copyright on my paper An online only journal is fine. Does anyone...
  30. Farhad70

    Other Choosing fundamental journals or conferences

    I have done a fundamental research about relativity but i can't find right journal or conference. can anyone help me?
  31. Q

    Name of Online Journal with Immediate Online Review

    Hello everyone. A Philosophy of Science friend showed a site where you can upload your paper and then you will be fairly quickly reviewed by your peers and this will be published alongside your paper. It seems to me this is a very good way to proceed; you may get assessment from the very top...
  32. qnach

    Looking for a small journal on antenna theory to publish my paper

    I am looking for a small journal to submit my recent paper. I hope it can 1. have printed version 2. free of publication fee (therefore all IEEE journals are out) 3. listed on SCI It does not matter which country does it belong to. Nor do I mind whether is it small or not. Has anyone any...
  33. KarminValso1724

    Post Paper for Feedback: Is it Safe?

    Or will there be a good chance of it being stolen?
  34. NicolasPan

    Engineering related publication

    Hello everyone,I am a mechanical engineering student and yesterday I convinced my professor to work on a project where it will be published in a journal about one year from now.I really don't know where to start as there are countless of highy-respected researches at top universities such as...
  35. K

    Improve ways to recognise good research papers

    Hi everyone, good day to you. A friend and I think that the process of writing a papers (especially in sciences and maths) are rather troublesome due to the following reason: 1. Long journal review process 2. Selection of papers to be published are not transparent, a few negative reviews can...
  36. A

    Best journal to publish a research in classical mechanics?

    I think I have an interesting thing to say on the foundation of classical mechanics and I wonder what would be the best journals to submit a work on that topic.
  37. H

    B Is the Journal of Atmospheric and Solar-Terrestrial Physics credible?

    Papers from this journal a being quoted by a guy that refutes relativity. I know right red flag, lots of pros here so I thought if someone would vouch for this journal it might save me time trying to critique the papers. The editorial board has editors from all around the world, there...
  38. Tony Stark

    Classical Best Theoretical Physics Journal

    Which is the best theoretical Physics Journal of year 2015 ?
  39. A

    May a layman post a scientific manuscript in arXiv?

    May a layman post a scientific manuscript (regarding cosmology) in "arXiv"? Will it be properly reviewed? Thank you, if you know the answer.
  40. ZapperZ

    Comments - Publishing in a Physics Journal (Addendum)

    ZapperZ submitted a new PF Insights post Publishing in a Physics Journal (Addendum) Continue reading the Original PF Insights Post.
  41. ZapperZ

    Comments - Publishing in a Physics Journal

    ZapperZ submitted a new PF Insights post Publishing in a Physics Journal Continue reading the Original PF Insights Post.
  42. Pythagorean

    Neuroscience of Consciousness: new journal coming soon

    This could be an interesting sink for empirically based consciousness studies: http://nc.oxfordjournals.org/
  43. DiracPool

    GR Journal: Equivalence Principle & Tidal Forces

    Say we have an elevator moving through deep space at a constant velocity. We have a light emitter at the "top" of the elevator pointing towards a detector at the bottom of the elevator. We shine the light and notice that the frequency at which the light was emitted at the top is the same as...
  44. bohm2

    New Quantum Foundations Journal

    Not sure if this was posted but I came across a fairly recent online journal specializing on Quantum foundations that some might find interesting: http://www.ijqf.org/wps/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/IJQF-flyer1.pdf http://www.ijqf.org/ Some topics issues that will be published/discussed...
  45. mishima

    Well-written Journal Articles in Chem?

    Hi, I was interested in collecting around 3 very nice chemistry journal articles to use as example/inspiration for students writing lab reports. I thought I would ask here before wandering my libraries' archives for a few hours.
  46. D

    How to know more about the frontiers of modern physics research?

    I'm a first year physics undergraduate. I'm trying to look for some research opportunities as becoming a physicist is always my target. However, I simply have no idea how the current research is going on, and before I approach any professors I guess I should already have some basic understanding...
  47. M

    Referees missed error in submitted paper

    I recently submitted a paper to a respectable journal. After submission, I discovered a few errors in my paper, one of which is quite serious. I have the corrected expressions and plots and I've checked that they are in agreement with the overall theory (as presented in other papers). My...
  48. aditya ver.2.0

    Thesis Submission to Scientific Journal

    I have discovered a theory related to the anomaly and uncertainty prevailing after the discovery of Unified Field Theory. But I don't know what to do with the theory. I have learned that the theories are submitted as technical paper to the scientific journal, but how do I submit the paper to the...
  49. T

    What does "not suitable" mean? [for a mathematics journal]

    Sigh. A couple of days ago my first paper got rejected. The editors claimed that " the experts we consulted felt that the paper is not suitable for the journal". A few days later I wrote them back requesting them to elaborate on where my paper had failed to meet their expectations and that any...
  50. BrainMan

    Confusion on a diagram in a scientific journal

    Homework Statement I am not sure if this goes here but I am doing research on solar panels and am confused on some of the physics in a particular scientific journal I am reading. More specifically I am having trouble with the equations on the last part of page 1 and the entire second page. I...