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Need pdf2doc, doc2pdf, free, win

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    I'd need a free pdf to doc and doc to pdf transformer for windows. I can't find any on google.

    //wait, wait

    and something that would let me edit pdf files. Big thanks!
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    Doc to pdf is very easy, you can do it by printing the file from any Windows application to a postscript file then using Ghostscript (free, GPL) to do the conversion from .ps to .pdf

    Alternatively, Open Office does the same thing in one click, and it's also free. It's a big download though.

    pdf to doc is a much bigger deal. There is a shareware program called able2doc which does good conversions, preserving formatting well, but it's a limited time trial only.
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    You can also use OpenOffice to convert to pdf
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    My favorite free PDF converter is http://www.primopdf.com" [Broken]
    If you can print it you can convert it to pdf.
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