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Negative gravitational energy - negative energy gravitons?

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    We know that gravitational energy is negative (zero energy universe theory). If the mediator particles (bosons) of the gravitational interaction are gravitons, then the energy of the gravitons would be negative?
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    Hmmm, not sure. Can you assign energy to a virtual particle in this situation? Or at all?
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    Magnetism is attractive and mediated by photons. Does that imply photons have negative energy?
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    The magnetic energy is positive, and non negative.
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    Interesting question, lets think about that for a second. In this particular model it is a negating energy, however DM in this model is positive. DM as we know doesn't have a charge as it is considered to be a spin zero weakly interactive particle.

    Gravity in the FRW metric is a positive force that applies a positive pressure with the cosmological constant attributing to the negative pressure.

    In super symmetry their is a predicted graviton and gravitino although super symmetry has yet to discover any of the super symmetry particles it predicts it may or may not be valid.

    Given the above my take is that gravity is negative only for the energy balance of this particular model. Trying to assign a permanent charge to it that applies in all situations would need to look at its spin, as well as look for its opposite charge partner. The electron for example has two possible charges positive and negative, however it is still the same particle just a different charge. Gravity does not have the same electromagnetic charge scenario, and we have yet to validate the gravitino ( or a graviton for that matter). Its quite possible gravity is an effect of space-time rather than a boson carrying force.

    So for the model it is indeed negative, but I wouldn't apply that outside the energy density=zero modelling

    edit forgot to add matter/antimatter.. by convention matter is positive with anti matter being negative. That would also apply to the graviton/gravitino
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