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Nerves cultured in artifical medium

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    can nerves not be cultured in artificial medium? why?
    do nervers undergo cell division?
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    'Cultured neural networks' even has its own wiki, it's fairly typical. They can demonstrate learning/memory:

    Baruchi I, Ben-Jacob E (2007). "Towards Neuro-Memory Chip: Imprinting Multiple Memories in Cultured Neural Networks". Physical Review E 75.

    and of course, there's the cultured rat neurons controlling the robot:


    As to whether neurons divide, There's "younger" cells (neural stem cells) waiting to differentiate in the brain that can turn into either glia or neurons and once you've differentiated into a neuron you can't divide (but I thought I heard something about them being able to go back to their earlier state... not sure whether it was in nature or lab only).

    Or maybe it was this:

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