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Neutron Time of Flight Jacobian

  1. Mar 21, 2012 #1
    Dear Forum,

    I have been given a DT fusion spectrum where neutrons are produced in the following reactions,

    DT = 14.1 MeV
    DD = 2.45 MeV
    TT = 0-9.8 MeV (three body spectrum)

    The spectrum is given in the form dN/dE. I have converted this spectrum into the dE/dE by multipling the spectrum over the energy spectrum. I then convert the spectrum into time by just converting the Energy into time. This gives me a spectrum of dE/dt. However, I feel that this might be inaccurate.

    My question is do I need a Jacobian when I convert this..such as

    [tex] \frac{dE}{dt} = \frac{dE}{dn}\frac{dn}{dt} [/tex]

    I am not very familiar with what a Jacobian will do to the spectrum. I appreaciate the help...Chad
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