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New Ball Boy at Wimbledon This Year

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    The new ball boy at Wimbledon this year wants to be paid with Kibbles and Bits.

    http://img220.imageshack.us/img220/2774/image017x.jpg [Broken]

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    I guess that's not Bo (the new First Puppy).
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    Ought to be some "interesting" dynamics with strings of dog-drool hanging off the balls.
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    World of goo?
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    So that's what lies at the end of those darn vacuum pumps, a salivating dog's mouth!
    So where are the ball girls then?
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    When the server holds up a ball to show it to the opponent, you'll have to count which game they are on as to whether he's displaying "new balls" or simply letting the other guy know a slobber drenched spinner is on the way.
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