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New Book: Models of Atomic Nucleus (2006)

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    I recently purchased a new book that reviews most historical models of the atomic nucleus:

    This is the only book on this subject in the past 40+ years that gives positive review (well--any review actually) for the 1965 Linus Pauling Close-Packed Spheron Model of the atomic nucleus. The author indicates that the Pauling model has never been experimentally falsified--it has been ignored. What a shame. Here we have a model published in the two leading journals of science (Science, Nature) and it receives no attention. I have posted on the Pauling model on another thread:

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    The slide show was very impressive, particularly the explanation of asymetric fission. The book is published by Springer and is available on Amazon here:

    When I've got a little more money in my paypal account I'll order a copy. My interest is in the masses of the hadrons, rather than nuclei, but I think the same principles should apply.

    I think that one of the problems of QM in general has been a tendency to ignore the importance of geometry and visualization in understanding what can be described by wave functions.
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