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New Calculated Trajectory for the Apophis asteroid

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    That's Good News!

    Any particular reason NASA scientists can't reduce their fractions?

    Does it just sound like better odds than 1-in-250,000 :smile:
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    Haha I was thinking the same thing my math teachers would have a hayday if they saw this!!!

    but to the general population saying something has odds out of a million normally indicates that it's gonna be an EXTREMELY RARE AND DEFINITLY UNLIKELY event that you shouldnt run out to bet on. :P
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    Vanadium 50

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    I like the 4 in a million way of describing it. That's 4x more probable than two one-in-a-million events: being electrocuted by lightning or dying of male breast cancer.
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    Anyone know what kind of Factor of Safety NASA uses in their calculations?

    In the article it seemed as if all initial probabilities are on the very safe side. Are they just trying to scare us so they get a little publicity. I mean their intial calculation was 1-45,000 now it's 1-250,000??
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