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New cracks form - Grand Teton National Park near Yellowstone

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    US National Park service issued the following notification:

    Hidden Falls Area Emergency Closure
    Closure updated July 10, 2018. Temporary closure remains in effect until rescinded. It is unknown how long the closure at Hidden Falls and Inspiration Point areas will be in place.

    Closure and Public Use Limit
    The following area is temporarily closed to public entry: The area around Hidden Falls, including the viewing area and trails in the immediate vicinity. The Inspiration Point area is also closed. Visitors are able to hike around Jenny Lake, up into Cascade Canyon, and along the cascade below Hidden Falls. The Jenny Lake Shuttle Boat is operational.

    The Superintendent is closing the portion of the park to all public use. This closure is necessary for one or more of the following reasons:
    • Maintenance of public health and safety
    The National Park Service has determined that the closure is necessary due to the recent expansion of cracks and fissures in a large rock buttress above the Hidden Falls viewing area.

    Ref: https://www.nps.gov/grte/learn/mana...es-and-compendium-amendments.htm#onthisPage-5


    I understand USGS is monitoring seismometers in the region.
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    I had to do a quick search in google earth ... looks to be a beautiful wilderness area

    sounds like some serious rockfall possibilities :frown:

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