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New developments in QFT beyond the SM

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    Hello everybody!
    I recently started to work in nonperturbative QFT (especially CFT and SUSY models).
    I love my work but wonder what is the recent development in this subject beyond the SM?
    It is not hard to see that at the dawn of XX - early 2000's the most exciting results in nonperturbative QFT were Seiberg-Witten solution, Holography, ADS/CFT, Dvali&Arcani-Hamed papers on extra dimensions and quantum gravity and so on...(I'm not well familiar with such progress in string theory)
    But what smart people say about 2005-2015? What are the most original and renowned theoretical papers?
    What young and talented researcher should pay attention to?
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    Thank you for your reply, I have never seen these papers; it seems they are very interesting.
    Unfortunately I have no good supervisors for doing ADS/CFT in my city.
    For now I'm interested in AGT conjecture and some integrable models.
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