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New finding with matter/anti-matter?

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    I didn't read into it too much but supposedly they found that matter and antimatter don't cancel each other out completely? There's still some matter left over?
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    OK, CC; how about posting the link so we don't have to speculate on what you think you read.
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    If you're referring to recent results from Fermilab, what they found is that a certain kind of reaction which was thought to produce matter and antimatter in equal quantities actually doesn't; it produces a little bit more matter than antimatter. As far as we know, it's still true that if you put one particle of matter together with the corresponding particle of antimatter, they will annihilate completely.
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    You are correct, they convert back into the energy that they were created from in the first place. The big bang released the energy latent in the singularity ( we don't have a good theory of what triggered it) but the energy formed matter and antimatter as it spread out. Most of the matter and antimatter annihated each other leaving the cosmic background radiation throughout the universe. In the book 'Antimatter' by Frank Close of Oxford U he describe the mathmatics as to why a minute amount of matter remained which forms the existing matter of the universe. It' very worthwhile reading.
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    thanx to you guys who actually tried to answer my question instead of leaving a sarcastic comment since i didn't have a chance at that point in time to actually look up where I found it. But now that i do have time Creator let me show what i was talking about, you guys are right tho now that i actaully read into it it does say that

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