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    I'm a Math major who works on flight simulation software. So I get to write software, use a little bit of math occasionally, and study up on physics (equations of motion, how sensors work, etc.). I hope to use this forum to raise my game on the applied math and physics components of my job.
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    Welcome to PF!

    Is this game software or on the order of a professional flight simulator.

    The show Mysteries of the Museum had a short episode on the Link simulator and how it was invented by an amateur pilot who owned an organ business. He saw how many pilots had trouble with turbulent air conditions and designed the mechanical simulator to teach them. Initially no flight school was interested and so they were sold to state fairs and carnivals looking for a novel ride. Later though, the US government wanted faster mail and so established an air mail service but they were losing pilots every months due to crashes in bad weather. Link flew a route and landed perfectly in the worst weather and convinced the Army of the efficacy of his simulator and won the day.
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    Mostly professional military ones. Ed Link was quite a talented fellow, and if you get a chance to see one of the refurbished original "Blue Boxes" from WW2 check it out.
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    What programming language is used? My bet is C/C++ on a Redhat Linux platform.
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    Not always. Sometimes it's FORTRAN and Ada on proprietary real time systems. But C/C++ does run on lots of sims.
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