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New mental disorder worse than autism discovered

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    I think many children suffer from this disease and powerful pills should be given to them.
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    I cannot help noticing that part of the URL is 'humor'. As a related side note, the is already several mental disorders that are worse than autism, independent on how you define 'worse'.
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    Maybe the guy placed it in the wrong section of his website?
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    You mean he should of placed it in the creditable research section as this patently is serious and in no way humour. I agree, this debilitating and embarrassing ailment has been too long neglected, the sooner we can stop this menace from infecting society with it's insidious noise pollution, bickering, childish pleas for attention and general obnoxious behaviour the better.

    I pray that they find a cure soon before more people are subject to this ailment, I know one sub group of people that appear to be affected by this crippling illness to some degree their whole life, I believe they're called men, although the symptoms tend to be more subtle than in the infant syndrome :smile:

    That's all very well but is it treating the underlying cause? I hear it's a sexually transmitted disease, whilst there's no hope for those already born with the condition,there are preventative measures, and there cheap and effective too.

    Those who already have the condition, I think would be better served by some sort of cognitive therapy, perhaps over an 18 year period? With medication only for the most difficult or incorrigible cases or those who don't respond to behavioural psychological techniques such as groundings, denial of privileges, no pudding 'til you've eaten your greens, and the occasional chore punishment.
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