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New Models to Describe Nuclear Structure

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    Hello all, I'm an amateur interested in nuclear structure. I'm interested in the (by now) age old questions of "Why is alpha radiation so much more prevalent than simple neutron or proton emission?" and "Why aren't nuclear isomers like Tantalum a lot more common or identified?" and especially "Why aren't huge clusters of neutrons found in stable nuclei?"

    I believe these two Ph.D.s at the following website have a viable model, but I'm not someone to judge the credibility of their work (I'm a B.S. in Electrical Engineering with a Math minor).

    [Crackpot link deleted]

    Thanks for you opinions and facts in advance!
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    Sorry, that link is full of crackpottery.
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    Besides their web site, the only other "publication" of their model that I can find is a presentation at an APS regional meeting in 2010. I can't even find any preprints on arxiv.org, where authors usually post articles that have been submittted for publication somewhere. This doesn't meet our usual standards for discussion (publication in a peer-reviewed journal).

    (click on the "Rules" link at the top of any page here and note the section Overly Speculative Posts.)
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