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New! Need Beginner Physics/Astrophysics Resources!

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    Hello! My name is Karina. I am new to physics and a current college student. I am Majoring in Physics but plan to specify in Astrophysics. I haven't taken any of my classes yet, but I start my prerequisites this coming Fall semester.

    Since I am fairly new to this subject...I only have knowledge in Math up to College Algebra. & only know very little about Physics. I like the Maths and Sciences but honestly don't know where to look for helpful books/articles or any other resources. Any suggestions are welcome!

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    Welcome to Physics Forums!

    As an undergrad, you will not need to do much looking on your own (but of course it may be good to do so to broaden your views) and many things will be provided by your course literature. Having a nice friendly internet forum to ask when you get stuck is of course also a great resource!
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    Welcome to PF! Check out the forums I linked to in the other thread.
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    Welcome to the PF.

    We have sections on Math & Science Textbooks, STEM Learning Materials, Academic Guidance (for course curriculum type questions), and the Homework Help forums (for when you have schoolwork questions that you would like help on). :smile:
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