What is Pre-calculus: Definition and 59 Discussions

In mathematics education, precalculus or college algebra is a course, or a set of courses, that includes algebra and trigonometry at a level which is designed to prepare students for the study of calculus. Schools often distinguish between algebra and trigonometry as two separate parts of the coursework.

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  1. brochesspro

    The given function is an even or an odd function?

    I think the answer is an even function as the function ##x^2## is an even function and thus, is symmetrical w.r.t. Y axis. The question I have is how to do this problem algebraically. I tried to graph some functions on GeoGebra to verify my answer. a) ##y = ln(x^2)## b) ##y = sin(x^2)##...
  2. sahilmm15

    Algebra Book recommendations for Algebra-2 and Pre-Calculus

    I need some book recommendations or free online courses for Algebra-2 and Pre calculus. The books should be central to problem solving but also have some ample amount of basics covered in theory. Thanks!
  3. MichaelRocke

    Trig Identities - Pre-calculus in a Nutshell - Section 4 Question 1

    My latest attempt \begin{align*} \frac{\sin \theta + \tan \theta}{\csc \theta + \cot \theta} = \\ \frac{\sin \theta + \tan \theta}{\csc \theta + \cot \theta} \cdot \frac{\csc \theta - \cot \theta}{\csc \theta - \cot \theta} =\\ \frac{\sin \theta \csc \theta + \tan\theta \csc \theta - \sin...
  4. T

    MHB Pre-calculus Grade 11 IB (higher level)

    Can anyone explain how to solve this question, please? The answer is a=5 & b=7, but I don't understand how to solve it. The graph of function f(x) = ax + b is transformed by the following sequence: translation by (1) (meaning 1 horizontal, 2 vertical) (2)...
  5. S

    French student look after pre-calculus books

    Hi there , well my questions is in the title but i have to say some things : I have multiples mathematiques and physics courses calc-based and so i want to review the basic . I already search around this forum and others and i find some books who looks popular here there are : - Pre-Calculus...
  6. Schaus

    Using Remainder Theorem to find remainder

    Homework Statement (y4 - 5y2 + 2y - 15) / (3y - √(2)) The answer says (2√(2)/3)-(1301/81)...
  7. Schaus

    Why Does My Solution to the Radical Equation Differ from the Answer Key?

    Homework Statement (Square root)-12 -3x - 3 = 0 Everything underline is supposed to be under the square root sign. Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution (Square root3x +12)2 = (3)2 3x + 12 = 9 -12 -12 3x = -3 x = -1 Solution in this learning guide says the answer is -7. So I'm...
  8. dfklajsdfald

    Finding the Value of axb on the Unit Circle | Round to the Nearest Thousandths

    Homework Statement the point (log a, log b) exists on the unit circle. find the value of axb. round to the nearest thousandths. Homework Equations x2 + y2 = 1 The Attempt at a Solution x2+y2 = 1 loga2+logb2 =1 2loga+2logb = 1 2(loga+logb) = 1 loga + log b = 0.5 logb = 0.5−loga now i try...
  9. MickeyBlue

    I Sketching Complex Numbers in the Complex Plane

    I've just had my first batch of lectures on complex numbers (a very new idea to me). Algebraic operations and the idea behind conjugates are straightforward enough, as these seem to boil down to vectors. My problem is sketching. I have trouble defining the real and imaginary parts, and I don't...
  10. Donello

    Need some Pre-Calculus books recommendation

    Hi,I am starting my EE degree next year in October and need some refreshment for Pre-calculus. I am considering the book "Pre-Calculus workbook for dummies 2nd edition". What do you think about it? Any better choices ?
  11. D

    Discover the rule and prove it

    Homework Statement Discover what the rule is and prove it. (Picture attached) Homework Equations Everything is allowed The Attempt at a Solution This is a problem from a little book of fun math problems i own. I discovered three rules. Given the number of a row you want to study ( marked N )...
  12. Titan97

    Prove that [a/b]+[2a/b]+....+[(b-1)a/b]=(a-1)(b-1)/2

    Homework Statement Prove that $$\sum_{r=1}^{b-1}[\frac{ra}{b}]=\frac{(a-1)(b-1)}{2}$$ where [.] denotes greatest integer function and a & b have no common factors. Homework Equations ##n\le [n]<n+1## <x> denotes fractional part of x. 3. The Attempt at a Solution I first added and subtracted...
  13. kariandozzy

    New Need Beginner Physics/Astrophysics Resources

    Hello! My name is Karina. I am new to physics and a current college student. I am Majoring in Physics but plan to specify in Astrophysics. I haven't taken any of my classes yet, but I start my prerequisites this coming Fall semester. Since I am fairly new to this subject...I only have knowledge...
  14. A

    Transforming Functions: Solving g(x) = 2f(-x+(3/2))

    Homework Statement If f(x)=|x-1/2|-5 determine g(x)=2f(-x+(3/2)) Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution Well, I tried to factor out the k-value in the g(x) formula. So I was left with: g(x)=2f(-1)(x-3/2) Then I multiply f(x) by 2 and am left with: g(x)=2|x-(1/2)|-10 Then I subtract...
  15. C

    Rational functions: combine and simplify terms

    Homework Statement (4a/a+4)+(a+2/2a) Homework Equations Just combine and then factor out The Attempt at a Solution It's actually fairly simple, but I'm having difficulty at the end. /multiply each term by opposite denominator 4a(2a)/a+4(2a) + a+2(a+4)/2a(a+4) /combine 4a(2a)+(a+2)(a+4) /...
  16. Camperwes

    Should I Take Pre-Calculus Before Entering Calculus?

    So I have been out of Math Courses for 5 years then this semester Spring Semester I completed Pre Algebra with an A, this Summer I have two Semesters of which I am taking College Algebra for Science and Engineering Majors and Plane Trigonometry. My question is during the Fall Semester should I...
  17. B

    Foundations Seeking Your Advice on Pre-Calculus Books Selection

    Dear Physics Forum personnel, I wrote this email because I am seeking a recommendation on selecting the pre-calculus textbooks. I have been studying the real analysis and number theory, and I felt that I need to brush up the algebra, functions, trigonometry, and geometry. So I decided to...
  18. M

    Pre-Calculus Books: Find Self-Taught Resources

    Hello Everyone, I was looking for a good self taught pre-calculous books. Thanks for all replies!
  19. A

    Learn Pre Calculus in 1 Month: 6 Hours/Day

    learning pre calculus in one month possible 6 study hours a day?
  20. rakeru

    Should I Take Separate Pre-Calculus and Trigonometry Classes or Combine Them?

    Hi! I am currently taking a math class called college algebra. Here's the little description thing: MAC1105 - This course introduces the student to the concept of functions and their graphs. Students will graph linear, quadratic, rational, exponential, logarithmic, radical, power, and...
  21. Z

    What Equation Models a Semi-Elliptical Arch Allowing a Ship to Pass Underneath?

    Homework Statement A bridge is to be constructed across a river that is 150 feet wide. The arch of the bridge is to be semi-elliptical and must be constructed so that a ship less than 50 feet wide and 40 feet high can pass safely through the arch, as shown in the figure. (a) Find an equation...
  22. E

    Pre-Calculus online class question

    Hey guys, I'm trying to avoid taking a pre-calculus class so i can take Calculus in the spring. I found resources from OCW which I'm going to use in order to learn on my own in the Fall so I'll be prepared in the spring for Calculus. Can somebody please take 10-15 minutes to look over this...
  23. B

    Is it a good idea to take Pre-Calculus In Summer School?

    Hey everyone! Sorry I haven't been online for a while, I had to catch up in my Literature course. Anyway, I took Precalculus twice here in college and didn't pass. The first time I took it was in Spring 2011, and I didn't pass because I blame my instructor for it, and I know it's a clichéd...
  24. J

    Advice on Testing Out of Alg II for Pre-Calc in High School

    I'm currently a freshman in High School, and saddly I was forced to take Geometry this year. For years I've been wanting to move up a math class. Our school offers a chance to test out of a course. So, this means that I would be testing out of Alg II to get into Pre-Calc as a Sophmore. I'm also...
  25. T

    What pre-calculus needed for this calculus class?

    This quarter, I will take the course "Calculus for social sciences." Here's the description: "Introduction to differential and integral calculus with applications to modeling in the biological sciences," and "study of differential and integral calculus with differential and integral calculus...
  26. M

    How to consolidate one's knowledge of pre-calculus

    Over the holidays (very long ones), I intend on going through the two Calculus volumes of Apostol. However, I feel my pre-calc knowledge of math is very shaky. There's lots of little tricks I just can't see. I'm not saying I can't do harder problems, just that they're not very obvious to me...
  27. H

    Honors pre-calculus homework, help

    honors pre-calculus homework, help! Homework Statement find the sum of the roots of the equation (x-1)^1/2 + (2x-1)^1/2 = xHomework Equations I have no idea, I just started a pre calculus course about 5 weeks ago and our teacher gave the people in honors problems we've never seen before so I'm...
  28. M

    Difference between Pre-Calculus and Calculus?

    What is the difference between Pre-Calculus and Calculus? Is Pre a more broken down version of Calculus or is it compulsory to learn it before Calculus? What I'm saying is, what does Pre-Calculus consist of compared to Calculus?
  29. J

    Gaining Confidence in Pre-Calculus

    Im currently enrolled in a pre-calculus class, and I am pretty afraid of it because i am not that great at math. I joined in hopes of gaining some extra help on the side. Thanks!
  30. A

    Quadratic functions skipped in pre-calculus?

    Hello, I have a quick question regarding Calculus and what should be covered in pre-cal. I'm currently in a pre-cal course and according to the syllabus it seems the teacher is skipping over quadratic functions. I only noticed because for the most part her course just follows along with the...
  31. Government$

    Best Pre-Calculus Books for High School Students | Expert Recommendations

    Hi everyone. I am a bit bored, so i wanted to renew my knowledge of pre-calculus. I am currently in high school so starting in September we will be doing calculus. So can you recommedn me some good pre-calulus book and also what do you think about "Precalculus a Concise Guide"? Thank you
  32. A

    Should I teach myself pre-calculus and calculus or ?

    Hello, I'm a new user, but I have been lurking around the forums for a little while here and there. So let me get to the point. I am extremely interested in Mathematics, Physics, Cosmology, Chemistry and Biology. So much in fact that I genuinely want to learn anything and everything possible...
  33. H

    Is Pre-Calculus Necessary for Success in Calculus?

    Hi, Everyone! How are you've been doing? A little bit about me? I just started college in 2010. Well, I needed some advice about precalculus I & II and precalculus: trigonometry courses. I'm thinking to skip precalculus I & precalculus II classes. Based on my major sheet/diagram, I can take a...
  34. N

    Exploring the Relationship between Pre-Calculus and Physics

    How does what you learn in pre-calculus relate to the physics that we use? I'm in pre-calc right now so I find it interesting. One thing I persume is that certain functions such as f(x)\=x can show proportional growth of energy and acceleration or time?
  35. N

    The Relation between Pre-Calculus and physics?

    So far I like pre-calculus; and as I sit in class I always try to ponder ways on how what we are getting taught applies to physics. So what is the relation between pre-calculus forumlas and concepts and how it can explain the physical (and crazy quantum) world around us? In the case this is...
  36. dkotschessaa

    Pre-Calculus Blues: Is Math Not Really Math Until Calculus?

    Is it just me or is math not really math until at least Calculus, or even later? I remember when I took calculus over a decade ago I was amazed at how much I loved the topic and how well I did at it, considering I was not majoring in math or sciences at the time. My pre-calculus teacher...
  37. S

    From Pre-Calc to Calculus: My Experience and Tips for Success | (Jess)

    I'm in Pre-calc as a sophomore and I find it very easy. I have held the highest grade in my class, of mostly juniors and seniors, since the beginning of the year. I am going to be taking A.P. Calculus AB next year and I am a little worried. Is it similar to pre-calc? If i did really well in...
  38. P

    Pre-calculus; linear inequalities

    Homework Statement 1. 9x^2 + 12x + 4 ≥ 0 2. 2 - 5x - 3x^2 ≤ 0 Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution 1. Can't you factor this into (3x + 2) (3x + 2)? 2. Looking at this inequality, I am thinking if you can change this inequality into 3x^2 + 5x + 2.
  39. M

    Studying Extremely worried about studying pre-calculus

    I'm reaching the end of a 2-course series of remedial algebra. So far I have performed greatly in both courses (A grades) but only because I spend hours in the library solving exercises through repetition. This summer I will be taking pre-calculus and I still feel like I have not learned...
  40. P

    Is College Algebra & Trig the same thing as Pre-Calculus?

    1. I am in intermediate Algebra and would like to take one more course to get prepared for Calculus 1. I am currently at a commmunity college and they offer College Algebra & Trig as their Pre- Calculus. Is this this equivalient to Pre-Calculus? Will I be prepared for Calculus? Thanks, EG
  41. P

    Is Coolege Algebra & Trig the same thing as Pre-Calculus?

    I am at community college taking intermediate Algebra. I want to move up to Calculus. I was told that College Algebra and Trig is Pre-Calculus. Is this true? Thanks, EG
  42. B

    Best Pre-Calculus Book for Summer Review: Expert Recommendations

    Hey, i know this is the science section but it's a brief question. Actually, the title contains it all =p I'm looking for a good pre-calculus book to brush up on stuff this summer.
  43. Vola

    Pre-calculus or calculus before physics?

    I,m self-studying math and physics as my hobby. Should I finish pre-calculus and calculus before I start basic physics or I can learn them simultaneously?
  44. Vola

    Pre-calculus or calculus before physics?

    I,m self-studying math and physics as my hobby. Should I finish pre-calculus and calculus before I start basic physics or I can learn them simultaneously?
  45. L

    Schools College: Credit by exam for pre-calculus

    In high school I had some issues with my geometry teacher in sophomore year and I ended up never taking any math courses so I ended up with twice as many science credits as math. Right now I'm going to college for the first time(this spring semester at a local community college) and classes...
  46. A

    Should I Take Pre-Calculus or Calculus This Summer for Engineering College Prep?

    I'm currently in my senior year of high school, and just got accepted to college for engineering. Along with my acceptance letter, I was told that I should take pre-calculus before entering my freshman year of college. Currently, I am in college Algebra (Honors). I've been looking at the...
  47. M

    From Algebra 1 through Pre-calculus?

    Do you think it is possible to educate oneself from Algebra 1, through Pre-calculus? Given about 10 to 15 hours of serious self-study a week for 8 months? I just want an honest opinion on what my chances may be, assuming I'm of average proficiency. And by “educate ones self”, I mean sit...
  48. S

    Master Pre-Calculus: Tackle Challenging Problems 7 and 24 from Math.unb.ca

    I am just starting to get into calculus, I have just self taught my self pre-calculus from another textbook, however when searching online to see if I am ready to proceed into calculus I found that 2 questions have me stumped. Is this a problem? The problems I am talking about are located here...
  49. T

    Did I Need Algbra 2 before Pre-calculus

    I'm self-studying math, and after algebra 1 and geometry i moved onto pre-calculus. When I looked at the content between algebra 2 and pre-calculus they looked very similar and so i just began with pre-calc. But I'm afraid i made a mistake doing this although I'm having no problem with precalc...
  50. P

    Exponential Growth for Pre-Calculus

    Hi everyone. My final is coming up for Precalc, and I'm studying my butt off. I was really needing help with this Exponential Growth Equation to find variable t. 8.0e^(.033t) = 59.8e^(.001t) (8 times e to the .033t equals 59.8 times e to the .001t) I would greatly appreciate this...