New undersea freshwater aquifer mapped

jim mcnamara

New and previously unknown undersea freshwater aquifer mapped.

Nature article

Scientific Reports link: (paywall)
Scientific Reports (2019). DOI: 10.1038/s41598-019-44611-7 summary:

A huge unknown undersea (mostly) freshwater aquifer has been mapped. Located off the Northeast coast of the U.S. The aquifer contains approximately as much water as Lake Ontario. It was formed from glacial melt. Soils covered the area deeply . The aquifer begins at about 186m below the seabed surface, so it is accessible by existing drilling technology.

Per the article at

There is a good chance that more of these formations occur off other coastal areas of other continents. Many
places have started to run out of freshwater, and these aquifers may serve to alleviate some of the coming
water shortage problems.


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