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New user here, Need direction and help before my end...

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    It has been over 15 years since I completed a Masters of Science in Electrical Engineering. However that alone does not really date me much. So far I have yet to find a source of employment that lasts long enough or is of enough compensation to pay off student loans before I can even begin to think of retirement. Besides being in my early 50's with no medical and having dental, vision, and medical needs is rather hard.

    Also I have been seriously thinking of giving up on a few more of my dreams by selling some of the equipment that I am sure a number of people here could put to use: I have a Cryopump, two helium compressors, a high voltage power supply, two RF units 5KW each, two filament transformers that are good for 25KV, ion pressure gauges, thermal vacuum gauges, and other related equipment that I should sell to cover expenses. These things would work well for the final vacuum pumping and a RF source for such things as a Cyclotron, and similar equipment. Originally out of a vapor diffusion system.

    Just a few of of the things that I have either built myself, guided, or assisted others in building are:

    Low pressure plasma spray system, for spraying parts in a vacuum chamber. Some of those parts, after completion have been in space for a few years now. Sorry no pictures of those parts nor will there ever be as this would be a violation of privacy for a government contractor.

    Other things are power supplies, some with DC output, some AC output. Varying voltage and currents.

    Also I have built and designed equipment for cutting plate such as oxy-fuel cutting, Plasma Cutting, Waterjet cutting. Also repairing equipment that was made by ESAB, Hypertherm, Thermal Dynamics, and others.

    One of the most difficult things that I have found to do in life is put what I can do well (not just in the past, but into the future). It is these communications skills that are the most difficult, and the most important of all.

    I am basically looking for ways to gain more income that are legal, as there are many things that pay well that are illegal (however just fighting off the reaper without really being able to afford going to the doctor when I really should is bad enough). Right now my biggest medical worry is pneumonia, Sinusitis, and tooth infections from not going to a dentist in almost 8 years. Then on top of that a bad back, but these days programming is looking much more interesting as a line of work than being a one man fix it when something is broken on a production machine.
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    Welcome to PF!
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