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News Flash: All-nighters may not improve grades!

  1. Dec 14, 2007 #1
    http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20071214/ap_on_re_us/all_nighters;_ylt=AnBa56jhgEzfXKamRnuhDZis0NUE [Broken]

    "A new survey says those who never study all night have slightly higher GPAs than those who do."

    Um, does anyone else feel like this is more a reflection of a students understanding of material prior to the exam rather than all students are at the same level, some study all night and get worse grades, and the ones that don't get better grades?

    I think what the story misses is that smarter people (smart enough to try to learn the material over the 4 month course rather than the 2 day break) generally are going to do better?

    I need to stop reading the news; any article that boasts some "Statistic" that is a correlation at best makes me sick. I feel bad because I know some people will read this and take away that they shouldn't study the night before because they'll just do worse on the exam.

    Anyone else agree with me?
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    Yes I agree, likely its just because people who study all night tend to be less prepared than those who don't.
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    This is exactly it. I never did all night study sessions since I actually did pay attention in class in the months prior. Sure you can read over your notes and look at some definitions, but if it takes all night it means you probably never knew it to begin with.

    There are probably some physical reasons as well. I remember watching an episode of PBS Frontline that talked about brain development, and one of the key parts was that greater REM sleep meant people learned more things in a shorter period of time.
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    Meh. I know not pulling an all-night is the preffered method, but, sometimes it happens. This week I had 5 math exams. Two of which were today. Tomorrow I have some first year philosophy class which I haven't studied for and I really don't regret neglecting. I think it's wise for me to spend most of the night studying if I know I'll get an A doing that.

    Of course, for other important classes I would never think of pulling an all nighter.
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    Well, if it encouraged them to have better study habits... like, say, studying in the days/weeks leading up to the exam ...
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    That's interesting, because I know for a fact if I hadn't limited myself to only 3 hours of sleep before my physics final, I would have tanked it. I was able to relearn several crucial bits of material that I had forgotten. Had it not been for that, I surely would have failed the exam.
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    7 final exams in 3 straight days. didn't sleep for 67 hours. ended up being my best semester ever.
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    When you people say "all-nighters" do you mean "no sleep"? If so, is that statistic supposed to be amazing?
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    My all-nighters usually consist of very little sleep, but almost never none at all. In my half-deranged state of mind, I'm almost always able to talk myself into an hour or two of sleep.
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