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Newtonian cosmology vs relativistic cosmology

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    I am working on an introduction to cosmology, I have began by the newtoniant one (the Hubble law, the Friedmann, fluid and acceleration equations), and some of the aspects of the relativitic one. I want to relate the tow parts by mentioning the shortcomings of the first, and then mentioning the solution in the second.
    Hence, what are the shortcomings of the Newtonian cosmology, and what are their solutions in the context of the relativistic one.
    Please help me.
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    I am not aware of a full model of cosmology based on purely Newtonian physics. General Relativity was around for decades by the time the standard model of cosmology was developed. GR has been tested extensively and proven to be correct at every point, whereas Newtonian gravity has glaring weaknesses. Since modern cosmology is based heavily upon GR I would try to compare the two and point out what the differences are.
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