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Newton's laws are the foundation stone of modern day mechanical engineering

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    "Newton's laws are the foundation stone of modern day mechanical engineering."

    Do you agree? Why?
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    welcome to pf!

    hi anb2020! welcome to pf! :wink:

    tell us what you think, and then we'll comment! :smile:
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    I agree of course .. I'm a mechanical engineering student ..
    Most of our studies are based on newton's laws ..
    Dynamics, Fluid mechanics, Vibrations, Kinematics, ....

    But I wanna hear what you think : )
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    I think Newton sucks :rolleyes:
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    Well I'd say that the laws of friction (Da Vinci) are more important to mechanical engineering than N1, N2 and N3. Little mech eng would be possible without friction.

    Now can you tell us any other laws of importance in mech eng, some going back to the Ancient Greeks?

    By the way my charges for answering your homework question here are $1,000,000 - I need that to bribe Greg for the infraction. Don't post homework here, post it in the proper place next time.
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    :approve:dont forget newton's law of cooling,and his grand work in maths
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    Those crazy mech E's: always neglecting to take relativity into account in their calculations. It's a wonder anything works...

    ...oh wait, no it isn't. :wink:
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    It's not a Homework ..
    I discussed this with one of my classmates and I wanna hear more opinions ..
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    Well you've had several ideas here.

    What do you make of them?
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    Personally, I think gravity sucks.
    Newton should never have invented it...
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    Generally when I think of Newton's laws, I think of his laws of motion.
    Ref: Wikipedia,[/PLAIN] [Broken] Newton's Laws of Motion

    But it sounds like you're really thinking about "Newtonian mechanics" which I think is generally interpreted as being the same as Classical mechanics. For example:
    Ref: Wikipedia, Classical mechanics

    Mechanical engineering, and perhaps most engineering majors, are founded on classical mechanics. We don't generally get into quantum mechanics or relativity, which I think would be the other major categories.
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    and Newton's laws of motion are three physical laws that form the basis for classical mechanics! (wikipedia)

    So I guess you agree with me!
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    Quite a bit of mechanics preceeded Newton:


    In Principia, after introducing the three laws, Newton proceeds to a review of the received knowledge of simple machines and the Law of the Lever.

    The Law of the Lever was actually known to the Greeks long before Archimedes, but he wrote the first rigorous proof of it.

    Galileo wrote a treatise called On Mechanics in which he debunked then common misunderstandings about the Law of the Lever that were current at the time, specifically the notion that a lever allowed you to cheat nature and get increased strength for nothing.
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