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Non approachable physic topics?

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    I noticed in the rules, that we are not allowed to discuss the EM drive and the forum states that "no one" in the world is working on it and it is basically a figment of your imagination. that is completely false.
    Also, no discussion on planet X? Yet its basically a completely confirmed fact that there is a planet X.
    I don't understand how this community can be so obtuse. I find a lot of borderline fascists positions in the rules. It is very unsettling to me that this is the state of affairs. Why is there such defensiveness against proposing some idea and working on it? I saw a topic blocked where a person was working on merging pilot waves and dark matter, yet in a very draconian manner was silenced. That is not progress in the name of physics.
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    We're not doing 'progress' here, though. At least not in a straightforward way. We're dedicated to helping people understand the established science.
    Scientific progress is done mainly in peer-reviewed journals. If somebody has a new idea that they feel they can present in a rigorous manner, they should take it to one of such journals. Trying to do it here detracts from the stated mission of the forum much in the same way as replacing physics curriculum with discussions of pupils' half-baked ideas would detract from the mission of education in schools.
    Once the students are equipped with the necessary tools, they can apply them to working on new science via appropriate routes.

    It's likely you mean the plethora of recently-discovered trans-neptunian objects, which with some leniency might get branded as planet 'X' by popular science. In the context of the banned topics, 'planet X' relates to the crank idea of 'Nibiru', and all the baggage that it brings with it (googling should paint the general picture).
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    A family member of mine has been studying education practices for 40 years. The new paradigm of education is allowing students to try work on answering questions, even if their theories are half baked. You are looking at the old world view of education, and much has changed. At least I know now this forum is, "not doing progress here'.
    Secondly, the gravitational relationships of cosmic debris in peer reviewed research has shown to be associated with a massive body far outside the solar system.
    Thirdly, they state no discussion on EM drive and no 'blogs'. Yet, in the thread that closed the discussion of the EM drive he uses 2 blogs as references, to 'debunk' the persons discussion. Why is there a double standard there?
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    We are open to discussing the EM drive project once it is accepted by a reputable peer review journal. If the project is credible then the wait shouldn't be long. Until then we wait. Thanks for your feedback.
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    Ygggdrasil, The Planet X reference is about doomsday and apocalypse nonsense as Bandersnatch pointed out, it does not prevent discussions of real science. Great links BTW!
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