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Non-dispersive DSR (personal view of Jerzy K-G)

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    A recent paper of Jerzy K-G has this footnote on page 7, at the conclusion:

    "3. Beware! These answers reflect my personal understanding and views, and may not be shared by other experts!"

    I have the impression that K-G's view of DSR (that it is non-dispersive and does not predict energy dependence of the speed of light) may be gaining adherents.
    I think I remember seeing something about this in a paper co-authored with Freidel. Kowalski-Glikman has been saying this for several years at least. I saw the view in a paper of his from several years back.

    Here is what he says in the conclusions of this recent paper, on page 7:

    Are there any deviations from Special Relativity predicted by DSR,
    which can be observed in experiments in a foreseeable future? The field
    theory presented above strongly suggest that there should be no such ob-
    servable effects in cosmic rays (the predictions of DSR for both GLAST and
    Pierre Auger signals seem to be effectively zero.) But there might be inter-
    esting deviations for large quantum systems of energies close to the Planck
    one, see [21] for the concrete proposal.

    and the reference is to this paper:
    [21] J. Magueijo, “Could quantum gravity be tested with high intensity
    lasers?,” Phys. Rev. D 73 (2006) 124020 [arXiv:gr-qc/0603073].

    Here is the K-G paper:
    Doubly Special Relativity at the age of six
    Jerzy Kowalski-Glikman
    To appear in the Proceedings of 22nd Max Born Symposium

    "The current status of Doubly Special Relativity research program is shortly presented.
    I dedicate this paper to my teacher and friend Professor Jerzy Lukierski on occasion of his seventieth birthday."
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