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Non-Newtonian Fluid as MMOD and Radiation Protection?

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    So everyone has made non-Newtonian fluid at some point in their lives (when you mix corn starch and water and get that awesome liquid/solid) well in one of my classes last semester we were asked to think of ways to aid in shielding from radiation and MMOD's (Micro Meteoroids and Orbital Debris) while in orbital and trans-planetary flight.

    Knowing that water is very effective at radiation shielding, and non-Newtonian fluid is good at taking impacts, would it be effective to surround a ship with a thin shield of this fluid to aid in protection from both of these hazards?

    I know that it would probably not be viable due to temperatures, but assuming that you could keep it at an optimum temperature, and that it could be used to store water for the crew and machinery so it would be useful as storage space, would it be useful?
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    Perhaps using the non-newtonian fluid as an insulating layer between two walls but it seems that the micro-meteorite impact would puncture the outer wall and the fluid would leak out.
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    I honestly did not think about that.... Maybe the fluid would freeze once it hit vacuum and work as a pressure barrier? Probably not though due to how much particulate there is in the fluid...
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