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Nonlinear Dynamics and Mathematical Physics

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    I'm interested in focusing on nonlinear dynamics or mathematical physics for my PhD and was wondering if anyone could tell me what US universities have strong departments in these topics. I've heard that Cornell is good for dynamics and chaos but haven't heard much about other colleges.

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    Some I know off the top of my head for dynamical systems:

    Suny Stony Brook (Milnor was/is here)
    Boston University (Devaney is here - he wrote the book on it)
    Caltech has an interdisciplinary group

    Check out wikipedia on dynamical systems

    Mathematical physics... not sure what you consider that, (not sure myself what I consider that) But Rutgers, Alabama, Indiana?, Stony, BU, MIT. Caltech, Princeton, Columbia, and NYU are good places to start.

    Hope that helps. I have similar interests to you. Maybe "Chaos" belongs more to the applied maths and physics people. Dynamical Systems maybe more to the topologists and other pure mathematicians. Depends on what you want to do with it.
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    I received my PhD in Aerospace from Southern Cal and was very challenging. Don't know about their physics side.
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