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Norway to play on artificial grass

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    I don't know if "artificial grass" is the correct term, but I'm sure you know what I mean. Grass made from plastics. The Norwegian Football Association has decided that from 2008 the national arena Ullevaal Stadion will be the first national arena in the world with artificial grass. What's your opinion here?
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    Sounds like a lot of pain to me seeing as European footballers (as compared to American football) play in shorts........ Falling on Astroturf, ouch!
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    Is this a method of population control? I assume that Norweeds don't grow in plastic.
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    I've never liked it. There will be more knee injuries. Indoor soccer is always played on artificial turf (in a hockey size arena). I won't wear new shoes when I play. They grip the surface to well and there's no give. I always wear old shoes with some wear on the tread. If your feet don't slip at least a little bit when you pivot, it puts more strain on your knee.
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