Not really interested in science subjects

  1. I'm not really interested in calculus, chem, or physics. I mean, I'm doing good in the subjects...
    but I don't really like any of them. How can I choose a career in the science field if I don't like any of them? I'm soo bored and pressured right now with theses subjects... and even a little bit discouraged... any advice?
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    Those topics are the foundation for your future in science. Man it up, and get through them, you may be able to get past the boring basics and find a scientific field which interests you. If you are not interested enough to learn the basics then you may want to change to a non science major.
  4. George Jones

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    First-year subjects?
    In what are you interested?

    Do any of the second-year and higher science courses seem interesting to you?
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    You only listed Calculus and physical sciences. You did not say how much of these (or other) physical sciences you have studied or tried. Might you believe to become more interested in them with slightly more advanced courses? Might you become maybe interested in other physical science (maybe Geology); or maybe Engineering? Might you actually be more interested in either health or biological sciences?
  6. Andy Resnick

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    Why would you consider a career in science if you don't like science courses?
  7. Ah. You're still under the impression that enjoying or being interested in school classes has any relation at all to enjoying or being interested in the careers they lead to.

    This is a common misconception.
  8. dx

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    Unless you're talking about having bad teachers, that's not true.
  9. I didn't say anything about bad teachers; I was intentionally broad in my statement.
  10. This is very true! Take this example, you might enjoy a Chemistry or other physical science degree but dread the job prospects that are open after completing the degree(probably because they will be very repetitive).You will be setting up the same basic experiments in the Lab day in day out for years! or if you decide to go into industry, you will be given tens of samples everyday to test and write reports on, you have no room for any creativity what so ever.
  11. Im with Andy Resnick on this one. Why go into something that you are not interested in? Though science and engineering are important, it is not everything and it is not for everyone.
    Find something you like and go with it:
    Law, Business, Economics etc
    You said that you were good at math. You can use that skill in more than just science and engineering. Use the skill that you are good at to do something that you like to do.
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