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Number of protons and electrons

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    How can I find the number of protons and neutrons of any element without looking the periodic table. And I need them each so mass spectrometer wont work

    Edit: I noticed that my title is wrong, explanation of the number of electrons are not needed
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    Vanadium 50

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    You need to look it up, I'm afraid. There is no rule.
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    That is impossible.... Are you asking something like:
    Given Oxygen how many protons/neutrons does it have??
    There is no way in fact- afterall the names are given to each element because of different reasons, and also the elements are placed in the periodic table by the number of their electrons (or protons).
    The thing is even worse for the neutrons, since you can also have for the same element, many isotopes.
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    Ok, so only the number of protons will be enough too. In other words, how did they know the number of protons in elements when they were forming the periodical table?
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    because the elements had to be electrically neutral. The periodic table is created with electrons...So the number of electrons= number of protons --> overall charge 0.
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    And how did they found the numbers of electrons
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    They made us memorize this in high school chemistry class. Sometimes there's just no substitute for torture. :)
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    Doug Huffman

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