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Numerical Facts about the Milky way's halo

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    I am trying to find the density, scale radius and normal radius of the milky way's halo. But these things are pretty hard to find. I want to find them so I can input them into the NFW profile: 760e366561387be89639a1aab92a56b0.png
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    In this thread I gave some constants of a proposed halo model as well as a link to a paper with more detail.
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    This may be a nitpick (depending on what you are trying to achieve) but the scale density is not a "numerical fact" because it is degenerate with the scale radius when you express the NFW profile as you have done. For any set of data there is a range of pairs of values rho_0 and R_s that all fit well enough, so you can't say any particular value of rho_0 is a "fact". Its often better with these halo profiles to express them in terms of v_max instead of rho_0.
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