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Numerical Solutions to Coupled ODEs with Boundry Values at Opposite Ends

  1. Nov 2, 2008 #1
    I am trying to model a packed bed distillation column for a binary liquid in Python. Unfortunately, when I set up my system, I end up with a system of coupled non-linear first order ODEs with boundary conditions at opposite ends (feed conditions and exit conditions), and I do not know how to solve this sort of problem. I know how to solve coupled non-linear ODEs with boundary conditions at the same end, and SciPy has a coupled ODE solver in any case, but I do not know any strategies for solving coupled ODEs with boundary conditions at different ends.

    Can anyone recommend a source for reading up on strategies? Or know of any libraries with such solvers (esp. in Python)? This is mostly for entertainment, so if this is an ultra difficult problem, I am willing to give up.
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    that is the boundary value problem
    matlab could solve it
    the order is "bvp" or something like that
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    COMSOL is a great software application I use to solve systems of non-linear and coupled ODE's and PDE's.

    It's very user-friendly, and it uses finite element method to numerically solve the systems. Not sure if you have access to it, but I figured I'd suggest it if you could use it.
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