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Observed interference in afshar's double slit experiment?

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    In afshar's experiment, it shows that the single photon goes through only one of the slits and produces an interference pattern. How is this possible?
    In this experiment, do we really know which slit the photon went through?
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    I don't know too much about this experiment but looked it up:

    The issue isn't that it violates QM - the issue is people don't seem to agree on how to resolve it.

    After reading it I suspect the answer lies in the numerical simulation that was done showing the results are in full agreement with QM. This shows its simply a tricky experiment to analyse intuitively but is in full accord with QM.

    If it wasn't that would be BIG news earning them an instant Nobel Prize.

    All it shows is what we already know - QM is counter intuitive and tricky.

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