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Obstacles for Life in the Degenerate Era

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    There are many obstacles for life forms to overcome and many states of evolution that would have to take place for many of those species.

    I am looking for specific problems that need to be overcome. Besides resources, I'm looking for more attributes which affect physical existence, such as proton decay, the loss of heat, and so on.

    If humans survived during this time period, what technologies or necessities be required in order to keep them alive?
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    I'm by no means an expert. but I think it would come down to Energy almost every time.
    If humanity and other races have survived into this time period. Then Technology would have a solution to every thing, provided you had enough energy.

    I think the Big question would be how do these people (either Human, Alien or Transhuman) Acquire said Energy resources. Secondly how do they economically (for them) defend these resources from the masses of have nots?
    Physical Resources would be almost easy to come by since it would have been concentrated in useable forms by their predecessors, but it would again take energy to re-manufacture, Re-process, or re-activate these devices before they could be used by the beings that found it.

    Also many High energy technologies that were common probably are not, or at least used as sparingly as possible, Identifying what would constitute High energy would be up to you thou.

    My 2 Cents
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