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Obtaining copy of CIE xy chromaticity diagram

  1. Feb 22, 2014 #1
    Where may an individual purchase a printed copy of the CIE xy chromaticity diagram, showing (reasonably) true colors and hues? Preferably, I would like to have a copy that shows some of the wavelengths of the monochromatic colors around the periphery of the diagram (except, of course, for the "purples" on the line between the shortest and longest wavelengths.)


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    You won't get a printed version which shows the spectral colours with any accuracy because colour printing is really not up to it. You can buy a swatch of pantone reference colours (at great expense), which afaik, is the most accurate printed representation of colours. What you get from a good quality colour display gives the best you can expect but the spectral colours are, of course, outside the gamut of the primaries. For spectral colours, you need a good white source and a prism or grating.
    You can do the googling as well as I can; I spent a short while looking and found this link for use with a colour monitor. Of course, you would need to calibrate the monitor first, with a Spyder or similar. The Colour checker chart can also be bought, I believe.

    Failing those ideas, you could get a digital copy (with the annotations you want) of the best CIE chart you can find on the net and take it to a good photographic printer. It would not need to cost more than a few £.
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