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Oct 28-29 Wisconsin WAPT (Jim Gates Plenary)

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    Anyone going to the Wisconsin Association of Physics Teachers meeting in Oshkosh WI, Oct 28-29, 2016?

    The plenary speaker on Friday, the 28th is Jim Gates


    Today is the last day to register online... but you can register onsite
    [although, if you do it onsite, there's no guarantee that food options will be available].

    I'm giving a talk on Saturday on my approach to relativity using rotated graph paper and GeoGebra.
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    I'm here! Already found @robphy! IMG_1477697922.537039.jpg
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    Well I made a major blunder. I skipped the offered dinner. Robphy ended up eating at the table with Jim Gates. Ouch! Jealous!
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    Rob better mention PF or he's banned :)
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    Rob explaining his poster!
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    Robs presentation
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    It's nice to see your enthusiasm pay off in this way. Enjoy the rest of the afternoon together! :smile:
    (Greg, please do not skip dinners anymore. It is better to have one too many.)
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