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Ode and pde-the major difference

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    i will express some function y as follows as its ordinary derivative


    (can i say like this-the change in y value with respect to change in t value at the point t will be equal to the y value at t)

    Can somebody explain a partial derivative like the above statement

    What is so special in a partial differential equation that it requires so many methods as follows. What is the difficulty that makes the ode and pde different in their solution

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    don't mind but what do u'r short forms , viz
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    I would hazard:
    1) Finite element method
    2) ?
    3) Finite differences method
    4) Finite volume method

    These are all NUMERICAL methods, none of them are "required", but options that have shown themselves handy in solving diff.eqs.
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    Ordinary Differential Equations are equations that involve solutions of functions of single variables.

    Therefore, f(x) etc....

    Partial Differential Equations are equations that involve solutions of functions of multiple variables.

    So for instance f(x,y)
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    bem: bug eyed monster? I.e. appealing to an alien race to solve your equations for you!
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    Is that the same as the common Boundary Value Problem...

    <should've looked at link first...>


    no! :)
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