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Of the three classes to take, which is best?

  1. Apr 15, 2008 #1
    A. Psychology
    B. Literature and Arts
    C. Journalism (Newspaper)

    tell me from your perspective which is most beneficial? but of the three, which two are best?
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    It'll probably depend on what your major is.

    In my experience, I would go for a literature/art/writing course over the other two, with journalism second. Every scientist should be able to read well and know how to write and express themselves correctly, in my opinion. Literature/writing courses can help with this.
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    I would pick A and B :smile:

    I personally like Psychology, and Literature was sometimes fun too.
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    Ive taken psychology, and honestly its the best course Ive ever done. I has taught me so much about science and life in general. But the writing courses couldnt hurt you. I havent done them so I dunno.
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    Well, if you ask me. I think the journalism class (if you're a science, engineering or math major) is probably going to be most beneficial since sometimes you'll probably have to express technical ideas in terms understandable to laymen. I don't really see how the other 2 would help.
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