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Oh.i just read the forum rules

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    wow ok so no discussion of any new ideas or speculative discussion on anything. wow ok i know you guys must get hoarded with every nimrod in 1st year uni that thinks he is special and i understand the frustration it would cause having well basically all of them going nowhere but wow im sorry putting a ban on any speculation is well it basically means a much worse thing than having to listen to some retard that claims he is "Causing things with his mind using [insert physics term that sounds scary]

    Just saying i mean i honestly could not care less but if you're going to shut the door on speculation good luck with getting to postulation.
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    Them's the rules.... Complaining about them is like complaining that you can't order a steak in a vegetarian restaurant; your recourse is to go somewhere else.

    If you search the "forum feedback" section you will find many many discussions of why these are the rules.
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    Welcome to PF!

    Yes we have some strong moderation rules but these are necessary to preserve our mission to help students understand mainstream science. If we allowed it confusion would abound and the site would suffer.

    I'm sure there are other websites that do foster speculative science discussion but we are not one of those.
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    Or you can read this:


    (under Info > Help/How-To at the top of any page here)

    Executive summary: We used to allow speculative discussions. It was more trouble than it was worth.
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