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On statistics of index what is Zoj

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    Hi everybody,
    I have a statistical problem in interpreting the index
    The variables for different indicators are taken from different population distributions and they might be recorded in different units of measurement. The values of these indicators are not quite suitable for combined analysis. There are several statistical methods which are used for estimation of level of development but most of these methods are having their own limitations. The major limitation arises from the assumptions made about the developmental indicators themselves and their weightage in combined analysis. Keeping in view the limitations of different methods, the following statistical procedures are used in the study.

    Let [Xij] be the data matrix giving the values of the variables of ith district and the jth indicator.

    i = 1, 2,……n (No. of districts) and j= 1, 2,……k (No. of indicators)

    Where X

    j = mean of the jth indicator and

    sj = standard deviation of the jth indicator.

    Now [Zij] is the matrix of standardized indicators.

    From [Zij], identify the best value of each indicator. Let it be denoted by Zoj. The best value will be either maximum value or the minimum value of the indicator depending upon the direction of the impact of indicator on the level of development. For obtaining the pattern of development Ci of ith district, first calculate the square of the deviation of the individual value of transformed variate from the best value. In other words, calculate Pij as

    Pij = (Zij – Zoj)2

    For each i and j

    I am sorry if it against the rules of the forum but I am really troubled. I have attached the paper

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    jim mcnamara

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    I'm not at all sure what you are trying to do, a priori, I do not get it. Frankly, it looks somewhat confusing to me, but I do get this much:
    You are trying to do a statistical meta analysis of disparate data sets, and you may not have all of the raw data. This is very common in Biology and a standard in Medicine and Economics

    Rather than hash around, trying to see if your approach is valid, consider following tried and true methods.

    I've used this as a guide before with good results. Hopefully it will help you.
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    I want to interpret Zoj I believe it is not related to statistics but economics
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    can you guess something about it by just going through the paper's page no 3:frown:
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