1. JorgeM

    I Is this weighted mean and standard deviation correct?

    The expression I have found is this one. I have been looking for information because I could not to realize what is the value that "alpha" has to have. If any of you do know what this alpha value is supposed to represent or if you have seen it before I would be really...
  2. parazit

    I Comparing theoretical calculations with experimental data

    Dear users, The situation I have encountered is a simple statistical comparison of the experimental data, which accepted as correct, with the results obtained via six theoretical models. In the experimental data, there exist y values corresponding to x values and also the measurement errors of...
  3. rhiana

    How do i answer this permutation question?

    Question: A home security device with 10 buttons is disarmed when three different buttons are pushed in the proper sequence. (No button can be pushed twice.) If the correct code is forgotten, what is the probability of disarming this device? My attempt: 10!/(10-3)! =(...
  4. P-values Broke Scientific Statistics—Can We Fix Them?

    P-values Broke Scientific Statistics—Can We Fix Them?

  5. B

    I Finding CDF given boundary conditions (simple stats and calc)

    I'm not quite sure if my problem is considered a calculus problem or a statistics problem, but I believe it to be a statistics related problem. Below is a screenshot of what I'm dealing with. For a) I expressed f(t) in terms of parameters p and u, and I got: $$f(t)=\frac{-u \cdot a + u \cdot...
  6. mPlummers

    Relative error and measurement precision

    NOTE: this is a programming exercise (Python). I started adding to ##x_{true}## an error related to a (for example) 10% relative error, obtaining ##x_{measurement}##. Then i computed ##y_{measurement}##. To find the precision, i calculated ##(y_{true}-y_{measurement})/y_{measurement}##. If it is...
  7. olgerm

    I Standard deviation question -- population std vs sample std

    I know that standard deviation of whatever data is defined as sqaure root of square difference from mean value: ##\sigma(data)=\frac{\sum_{x \in data}((x-x_{mean\ of\ data})^2)}{|data|}=\frac{\sum_{x \in data}((x-\sum_{y \in data}(y)/|data|)^2)}{|data|}## but sometimes formula...
  8. user366312

    Finding conditional and joint probabilities from a table of data

    Let, alpha <- c(1, 1) / 2 mat <- matrix(c(1 / 2, 0, 1 / 2, 1), nrow = 2, ncol = 2) chainSim <- function(alpha, mat, n) { out <- numeric(n) out[1] <- sample(1:2, 1, prob = alpha) for(i in 2:n) out[i] <- sample(1:2, 1, prob = mat[out[i - 1], ])...
  9. Badgun

    Impact of several variables on resulting projectile motion trajectory

    I was told to generate these variables (m, C, alpha, wind velocity) normally distributed and compare the random data with the result and then tell, which of the variables has the most impact. Here I am stuck, tried to compare variances, kurtosis and skewness of the data (the original variables...
  10. caters

    Are my calculations of the pregnancy ratio of the population correct?

    Monthly Cycle numbers Here is the cycle ratio: $$2_{early}:2_{fertile}:1_{late}$$ And the numbers: $$20,000_{early}:20,000_{fertile}:10,000_{late}$$ Now, let's divide the early into 2 groups, pre-fertile, and safe and assume there is a 50/50 split between those 2 groups. Let's also assume...
  11. J

    Chi-squared test for normality

    1. Homework Statement Hello, I was given 2 sets of data, showing 20 temperature values and 35 temperature values respectively. The data sets look like below: Data 1 Data 2 Temperature Temperature 30.9...
  12. iVenky

    Power of noise after passing through a system h(t)

    **Reposting this again, as I was asked to post this on a homework forum** 1. Homework Statement Hi, I am trying to solve this math equation (that I found on a paper) on finding the variance of a noise after passing through an LTI system whose impulse response is h(t) X(t) is the input noise...
  13. J

    Math/Statistics PHD Application

    I Know this is prob the wrong site to post this but... Hello, I am a student at a low-ranked college in New York State actively pursuing a bachelors (BA) in Math in my junior year. I have a 3.7 GPA overall and a 3.73 in Math. I am looking to apply to PHD programs next year in Statistics or in...
  14. iVenky

    I White noise & 1/f noise after a system h(t)

    Hi, I am trying to solve this math equation on finding the variance of a noise after passing through a system whose impulse response is h(t) X is the input noise of the system and Y is the output noise after system h(t) if let's say variance of noise Y is σy2=∫∫Rxx(u,v)h(u)h(v)dudv where...
  15. J

    B How to Present Statistical Data

    <Moderator's note: Moved from a homework forum.> Mass (g) +/- 0.01 grams Drop height (centimeters) +/- 3.00 Shell 53.47 45 No crack 56.78 45 Cracked...
  16. CivilSigma

    Characteristic Function Integrand Evaluation

    1. Homework Statement I am trying to determien the characteristic function of the function: $$ f(x)= ae^{-ax}$$ $$\therefore E(e^{itx}) =\int_0^\infty e^{itx}ae^{-ax} dx = a \cdot \frac{e}{it-a} |_0 ^ \infty $$ But I am not sure how to evaluate the integral. Wolfram alpha suggests this...
  17. JackLee

    How to read a joint discrete table?

    1. Homework Statement Given a group of 100 married couples, let X1 be the number of sons and X2 the number of daughters the couple has. P(X1 = 0, X2 = 2) = f(0, 2) = 8 /100 = 0.08 2. Homework Equations 3. The Attempt at a Solution I tried to look for a similar example online, I found...
  18. T

    Showing Rejection Region Equality with Fisher Distribution

    1. Homework Statement For reference: Book: Mathematical Statistics with Applications, 7th Ed., by Wackerly, Mendenhall, and Scheaffer. Problem: 10.81 From two normal populations with respective variances ##\sigma_1^2## and ##\sigma_2^2##, we observe independent sample variances ##S_1^2## and...
  19. R

    I Principal component analysis (PCA) coefficients

    I am trying to use PCA to classify various spectra. I measured several samples to get an estimate of the population standard deviation (here I've shown only 7 measurements): I combined all these data into a matrix where each measurement corresponded to a column. I then used the pca(...)...
  20. Dewgale

    Anti-commutation of Dirac Spinor and Gamma-5

    1. Homework Statement Given an interaction Lagrangian $$ \mathcal{L}_{int} = \lambda \phi \bar{\psi} \gamma^5 \psi,$$ where ##\psi## are Dirac spinors, and ##\phi## is a bosonic pseudoscalar, I've been asked to find the second order scattering amplitude for ##\psi\psi \to \psi\psi## scattering...
  21. Mathman2013

    Median vs. Second Quartile question

    1. Homework Statement Lets say I have a list of numbers. income=[17000, 11000, 23000, 19999, 21000, 10000] I sort them income_sorted=[10000, 11000, 17000, 19999, 21000, 23000] Calculate med 2nd Quartile. 2. Homework Equations Median_formula = (n+1)/2 3. The Attempt at a Solution...
  22. T

    Conditional Expectations of 2 Variables

    1. Homework Statement Suppose that the number of eggs laid by a certain insect has a Poisson distribution with mean ##\lambda##. The probability that any one egg hatches is ##p##. Assume that the eggs hatch independently of one another. Find the expected value of ##Y##, the total number of eggs...
  23. T

    Expected bounds of a continuous bi-variate distribution

    1. Homework Statement ##-1\leq\alpha\leq 1## ##f(y_1,y_2)=[1-\alpha\{(1-2e^{-y_1})(1-2e^{-y_2})\}]e^{-y_1-y_2}, 0\leq y_1, 0\leq y_2## and ##0## otherwise. Find ##V(Y_1-Y_2)##. Within what limits would you expect ##Y_1-Y_2## to fall? 2. Homework Equations N/A 3. The Attempt at a...
  24. E

    Calculations using Standard Deviation and Mean

    1. Homework Statement 2. Homework Equations Chebyshev's Theorem: The percentage of observations that are within k standard deviations of the mean is at least 100(1 - (1/k2))% Chebyshev's Theorem is applicable to ANY data set, whether skewed or symmetrical. Empirical Rule: For a...
  25. T

    Other Selecting a career with my BS in Applied Mathematics, BS in Physics and minor in Computer Science

    This may be better suited in the academic forum, or possibly not even the normal type of question asked, but I was just judging based on other similar posts. I just graduated from college this past spring with a BS in Applied Mathematics and a BS in Physics, as well as a minor in computer...
  26. S

    Fortran Getting my method of bisection to output the correct value

    I am trying to write a program that calculates the root of chi-square. I am not getting the correct answer and I honestly am at my wits end trying to figure it out. I know my simp_p() method is returning the correct value, but for some reason my root_chisq() method is not giving me the correct...
  27. A

    Introduction Again

    Hello! New here. Sort of. I have a major in math. I'd like to specialize in data science for my master's degree. This is my 2nd account here. I don't know how to delete the other one. Can anyone tell? Thanks.
  28. G

    Random walk - why is the STD equal sqrt(n)

    typical random walk : one step forward or backward with equal probability and independence of each step , what is the expectation and Variance . so i define indicator variable xi ={1 or -1 with equal probabilty . E(xi) = 0 Var(xi) = 1 now define Sn as the sum of i=1,...,n each step is...
  29. maajdl

    I Any database of results for the Michelson-Morley Experiment

    Hello, I would be interested in a collection of experimental data for the Michelson-Morley Experiment . I would like to see if there would be many data available, and if a statistical analysis could be of some fun. Would you know some compilation of data? Thanks, Michel
  30. P

    Probability density function

    1. Homework Statement Hello! I'm trying to understand how to solve the following type of problems. 1) Random variables x and y are independent and uniformly distributed on the interval [0; a]. Find probability density function of a random variable z=x-y. 2) Exponentially distributed...