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Once an engineer, always an engineer.

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    I came home from work today and the guy who owns the apartments was outside hanging christmas lights. Above the office door he had shaped the lights into a simple, triangular christmas tree. This tree was perfectly centered, and absolutely symmetrical. I started laughing and he asked me what was so funny. I said, "you must have been an engineer to go to that much trouble to get that tree perfect like that." He laughed and told me he did get his degree in engineering. As I was walking off he said, "Don't tell my wife, but look at this." Then he pulled out some graph paper with the tree sketched on it, along with coordinates.

    this is how I picture Ivan being in real life.
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    Do engineers post the same thread 2 times? :tongue2:
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    I don't even know how it is possible to do that. Maybe what I said was so important it needed to be said twice.
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    Why is he afraid that his wife will see his plan? he should've known better to marry a lady who is also a geek. She'd most likely appreciate it
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    I guess she was giving him a hard time for his plans to string the lights in a perfect grid and didn't want to catch more grief about his tree
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    I guess he wants to tell his wife that he has such a great mind that doesn't need a sketch or plan for creating that beautiful and symmetrical tree.
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