OnTime-hormone produced in Epididymis

John Davis
April 23rd, 2010

Rotterdam – A new project has discovered a surprising result considering the ability to plan forward in a short period. Always being too late does not only have to do with your manners, but the gender has the most influence regarding coming on time.

A recent research in the University of Blijdorp has strong suggestion that being on time for an appointment is regulated by a hormone, the socalled “Ontime-hormone.”

Dr. C.F. Zhang: “We have compared a few different groups of humans with each other. The experiment showed us scientists that both female and castrated males come late at their appointment, over 80 percent, while normal males mostly, at 95 percent, came at the right time at their appointment. Before we took the test, we already had gathered a large variety of different subjects, from the most annoying to the gentle society."

The only conclusion at this experiment is that this specific hormone is thought to be produced in the male sex organs, more specifically the Epididymis. This would explain why females have a chronic problem with being late and oversleeping.
Also it clearly would separate the real man from the less developed men, proving that mannerless scum is most likely to have defective balls.

Dr. A.G.M. Pietrow: “There rests more truth in the saying ‘You got balls’ then most people think. Recently we have determined that the presence of balls and their functionality does affect the ability to come on time. Shortly this theory shall be confirmed and hopefully a vaccine for those without the ability to come on time can be produced.

The Dutch government is very interested in this new finding and planning to fund the research for the vaccine that could be a new standard, soon given to all children. With this new vaccine, a new revolution in mankind is on our doorstep, a world where noone comes late.
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Sorry for the bump, but could this really be true?
I never knew that things like that were regulated by hormones.
testosterone. it's a joke.

Andy Resnick

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Unless an actual peer-reviewed reference to the study is provided, the OP is silly drivel.
Its a pretty witty joke if u have the tastes for it. But just a joke.

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