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Medical NeuroQuantology another gem, hiding in plain sight

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    NeuroQuantology© is the only single journal which deals with the relationship between quantum physics and neuroscience.
    This https://www.physicsforums.com/showpost.php?p=2564292&postcount=13" in collaboration with Stuart Hammeroff.

    This site is fairly active, with up to 600 views of papers posted on the site. I keep checking it from time to time and the hits on certain papers keeps growing, a good sign. It is attracting a small but growing number of researchers in the field, along with the curious like myself, willing to step outside my "comfort zone", and consider how QM is shaping our view of the world. Here is the: http://www.neuroquantology.com/repository/index.php?option=com_sobi2&catid=2&Itemid=66" [Broken]:

    I found this paper by Dr Michael Persinger, from December 2008, Volume 6 Issue 4:
    http://www.neuroquantology.com/journal/index.php/nq/article/view/192/192" [Broken],
    spent some time reading, probing and getting a "layman's view" of it. First, the abstract:
    Some interesting observations from the paper regarding sensed presence: (Note: http://www.laurentian.ca/Laurentian/Home/Departments/Behavioural+Neuroscience/People/Persinger.htm?Laurentian_Lang=en-CA" [Broken] has been doing research in "Sensed Presence" for over twenty years, and considered an expert in the field. In the link above, Dr Persinger claims to have paid for much of this research out of his own pocket. Some of his experiments with sensed presence have not been reproduced by others in the field to date. I have not fully investigated this, will leave it to you to judge for yourself if his experiments appear genuine.

    • Human brain generates repeating classes of electric matricies or states (Koenig et al (1999), duration (8 Hz to 12 Hz), these match the minimal duration of a precept (Efron 1970)
    • According to (Koenig et all (2002))four classes of microstates are manifested in different temporal proportions, two of these states involve diagonal polarities that cross from one hemisphere to the other.
    • Transition states can be quantified according the the Einstein Relation as: frequency = (Ea - Eb)/h, where Ea is energy state of a, Eb is energy state b, h is Planck's constant 6.6 X 10^34 Js. Frequency is then converted into distance or wavelength between the two states by dividing this value into the velocity of light. Using 8.317 J/K mol (the gas constant) and 6.023 x 10^23 particles per mol (Boltzmann's constant). The energy dislayed by the particle would be this constant multiplied by the temperature.
    • The difference of only 1 degree Celsius or the transition between 37 degrees Celsius and 38 degrees Celsius, the energy would be 1.4 x 10^-23 Joules. When divided by Planck's constant, the frequency is 0.2 x 10^11 hz. The wavelength is (3 x 10^8 m/s) /0.2 x 10^11Hz or 15 x 10^-3 m oe 1.5 cm.
    • So a change of only 1 degree Celsius produces a translocation of electromagnetic matrices of consciousness by about 1.5 cm.
    • Since 1992 Persinger and Makarec believe that sensed presence to be the right hemispheric equivalent of the left hemispheric sense of self. For this reason, right hemispheric processes could be experienced as: "another consciousness". This fact has been driven home by Neuroanatomist Dr Jill Taylor's account of her massive left hemispheric stoke at the age of 37. She describes how in the moment, wonderful she felt when only her right hemisphere was active during her stroke. Her experience proves that her right hemisphere has a unique non-verbal view of the world, totally unique and separate from the left hemisphere, which for most people is more in control most of the time.
    • As an example of natural sensed presence, in 542 during the first known pandemic of bubonic infection, people experienced mild fever that lead to feelings of "presences" and "apparitions" that people concluded would lead to death if the were touched by the phenomena (Kohn, 2001).
    • As early as 1986 a number of scientists (Eccles, Hameroff, Penrose, Umezawa, Jibu and Yasue, Persinger and Koren) believed that an increase in temperature (1 degree Celsius) within the right hemisphere compared to the left could produce sensed presence which was derived from "quantum" physical neuroscience.
    • During the experiment, using a helmet with four pairs of solenoids on each side, designed so that the strengths of the magnetic fields would be asymmetrical for the space in which the right and left hemispheres were located on each side at the approximate level of the temporal/parietal lobes. A burst or sham field was generated over a thirty minute period.
    • The average right/left peak to peak amplitude of the burst firing pattern was 5300 nano tesla over the right hemisphere and 3300 nano tesla over the left, a difference of 2000 nano tesla (2 micro tesla) between the two sides.
    • The intensity of the magnetic field was about 1 micro tesla stronger than the static field and traversed, during its peak to peak variation, the extent of the discrepancy between the left and right sides of the brain.
    • After completing the experiment which included male and female college students, both groups showed a significant correlation between net increase in temperature within the right hemisphere compared to the left and the incidence of sensed presence.
    • The authors believe that the principles of NeuroQuantology can be studied in a laboratory and tested by experiment. The one degree discrepancy in hemispheric temperature was sufficient to create a sensed presence experience as predicted from Einstein's Relation (defined as: the transition between two states that can be expressed by a particular frequency which is equal to the difference in energy between the two divided by Planck's constant) that had been previously been applied to particle-wave transitions.
    As a side note: this paper lists 51 references that span over 30 years of research into neurological and quantum mechanical investigation, some authors provided more than a single research paper, for example, Dr Persinger includes 11 references.

    This is my first tentative foray into this emerging field of study. NeuroQuantology is now exposed to the PF community. My hope is that it may inspire PF members to take a look at the papers provided here, to pick one or more and then report back on what you found interesting. I hope you find the field interesting... I know I did... One more thing, don't forget to http://www.neuroquantology.com/journal/index.php/nq/user/register" [Broken], you need to in order to access the papers provided. Good luck...

    Rhody... :biggrin:

    P.S. I will be back from vacation on Wed and will be adding more personal stories in the Competitive/Adaptive Brain Plasticity... and you... thread, then on to researchers discoveries and mentors who inspired them.
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    This looks very interesting, I will definitely start reading all of the material you have posted right away!

    Thank you for posting this. :)
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    I've always been amazed at how eastern philosophers can be so intelligently exquisite.
    Not sure if any of what they say is true, but sure sounds good.
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    The paper I listed and reviewed was not done by eastern philosophers. I am puzzled, could you explain ?

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    It sounds crackpot. Nature of quantum physics ????
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    This isn't science, this is blatant crackpottery.
    There's only one journal about this because legitimate journals almost never publish this stuff. It's a classic crackpot method to get the guise of respectability - start your own journal.

    I have a PhD in quantum chemistry and I study/have studied biochemical systems.
    There is plenty of legitimate research going on in the field of 'quantum biochemistry' (if you want to call it that, I don't see the point to that term). This is not part of it.
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    We require that journals that are cited on this website are indexed by the ISI web of Knowledge. Despite its 7 year existence, the journal of NeuroQuantology is not mentioned in the ISI Journal Citation Report and thus this thread is closed.

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